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Things You Can Do to Protect A Data Breach

The fact is that security testers could write a book on the many things you can do to protect your company from a data breach. What is special about the tips in this article is that they are all unnervingly effective if they are implemented and enforced, plus all...

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Flexible Working: How It Can Prevent Businesses Freezing

You are probably tired of reading about how flexible working is fantastic because it lowers costs and so on, but articles rarely enter into specifics. This article breaks down the idea of flexible working and presents the benefits of each variation. Flexible Working –...

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SMEs are investing in cyber security and the cloud

The last few years have seen a significant increase in the cyber security challenges threatening businesses of all sizes. There are many examples of the rising level of cyber crime impacting organisations. However, while large businesses have the budget to invest in...

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How IT Consultancy can increase productivity

Outsourcing IT partnership allows your business to drive this strategic IT investment without losing focus or control on core business plans. By partnering with Computer Geeks, you have access to the expertise of our entire team, ensuing that your business requirements are planned for, and where possible, that the day to day running of your out-sourced IT department is taken care of and any problems overcome and detected before they happen.

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Businesses Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan (BDR)

What is Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR)? You may be wondering what a BDR plan actually is. The clue is in the full name of the plan; it combines solutions for data backup and disaster recovery, in one place. This means that should an incident such as a cyber attack...

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What's the investment for total peace of mind? Click here

What's the investment for total peace of mind?