Unify business calling and conferencing with a VoIP phone system

Business calling has evolved a lot in the last decade. From phone calls via traditional handsets to video conferencing via Microsoft Teams, companies are now expected to use numerous telephony services, resulting in complexity and added cost for business owners.

Geeks Voice makes things simple and affordable by giving you one powerful platform for all your business calls, enabling you make and receive calls via Microsoft Teams. This is also known as a VoIP system – short for voice over internet protocol.

By combining the video conferencing and online chat features that Teams is known for with the flexibility and convenience of unlimited UK geographic and mobile calls, Geeks Voice VoIP services make it easy for your team to communicate professionally wherever an internet connection is available.

“Computer Geeks can be relied on to do the right things, and to do what they say they’ll do.”

Ultimately, they’re people I’d hire in my business, which is one of the main things I look for in a partner.

Ben Brown, Onto

“Having expert back-up makes me feel safe.”

It’s a real position of trust, letting your IT loose. With Computer Geeks, we made the right decision.

Hilary Wilson, Provelio

“They’re a professional company, and they’re just good geeks I guess!”

Computer Geeks are flexible, down to earth and they know the market. I get on well with them personally, and that really helps.

Damian Jones, Safpro

Replace your outdated technology

Replace your outdated technology

Old telephony is a big problem for many businesses. You may want to modernise your telephony system with features like call recording, streamline your systems with a single VoIP provider or remove handsets that traditional phone systems rely on. Upgrading to our cloud business VoIP service can do all of that and more.

Less noise, more flexibility

Less noise, more flexibility

VoIP phone systems also eliminate the constant ringing of phones in your office for a more peaceful working environment. Additionally, your new telephony solution will work seamlessly for hybrid and remote working – without any compromise to the in-office experience. Users can answer calls wherever they have the Microsoft Teams app with reliable internet connectivity. That includes their laptop, desktop, phone, tablet or Microsoft Teams certified handset.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Geeks Voice uses Microsoft 365 Business to provide VoIP services through Microsoft Teams. This allows you to make voice calls using your internet connection on the same app many organisations use for team messaging, video calling and so much more. It’s unified communications without the need for VoIP hardware.

You can make calls through desktop and mobile devices or dedicated VoIP phones, certified by Microsoft. Crucially, it comes with all the advanced features of a VOIP telephone system, such as call monitoring and simple call forwarding.

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Key benefits of Geeks Voice as your VoIP provider

Key benefits of Geeks Voice as your VoIP provider

• A single point of access for all your calls
It’s easy to switch between chat, call and video with Geeks Voice, using a single unified platform for improved and streamlined collaboration.

• Transfer calls with ease
Geeks Voice lets you check that colleagues are available before transferring calls. You can also view an individual’s status to quickly see their availability.

• A trusted and secure platform
All calls made through Geeks Voice are powered by Microsoft’s cloud, which features end-to-end encryption and cloud-based disaster recovery.

• No hardware installation required
As a cloud-based solution, you can access Geeks Voice without installing any new hardware, saving you time and money.

• Unlimited calls for local, national and UK calls*
Our unlimited calling plan means your team can communicate freely without worrying about how long they spend on the phone.

• Quality & reliability
Wave goodbye to technical issues with a cloud-based business phone system that’s supported by experts. Whether you’re speaking to customers or communicating internally, calls will be crystal clear.

• Integrated business VoIP solutions
Keep your current phone numbers, call queues and call maps to move telephony over to Microsoft Teams without any disruption. Calls can be transferred to staff, queues or different devices.

• Effortless adoption
Handsets are refreshingly simple for staff to use with unlimited remote support from our team – your dedicated VoIP service providers – to help you overcome any issues.

* Subject to fair usage policy. International and premium calls are charged on an individual basis.

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Businesses that use Geeks Voice no longer need to worry about paying for an office-based phone solution. By uniting all types of calls via our streamlined platform, you can say goodbye to traditional business telephone services and hello to a simple-yet-powerful cloud-based calling solution.

You get unlimited customer support from during business hours (8am-6pm) as a Geeks Protect or Geeks Cloud customer. That’s available every business day with a single point of contact if anything goes wrong and fast response times within 15 minutes for critical incidents. We have an onboarding engineer ready and waiting to work through everything with you, and the VoIP system is paid monthly per user for complete simplicity.

Want to learn more about simplifying your business communications with Geeks Voice? Drop our friendly and experienced team a line – we’re ready to answer any questions you might have.