Geeks Voice

Unify business calls and conferencing with Geeks Voice

Business calls have evolved a lot in the last decade. From phone calls via traditional handsets to video conferencing via Microsoft Teams, companies are now expected to use numerous telephony services, resulting in complexity and added cost for business owners.

Geeks Voice makes things simple and affordable by giving you one powerful platform for all your business calls, enabling you make and receive phone calls via Microsoft Teams.

By combining the video conferencing and online chat features that Teams is known for with the flexibility and convenience of unlimited UK geographic and mobile calls, Geeks Voice makes it easy for your team to communicate professionally wherever an internet connection is available.

Any device, any location

Geeks Voice caters for a range of communication preferences, providing a flexible solution for everyone in your team. Whether your colleagues prefer desktop handsets, computers with headsets or the smartphone in their pocket, your whole team can dial in to secure and reliable cloud-based calls through whichever device they like.

Since Geeks Voice is cloud-based, you can make calls wherever you are in the world, using consistent business phone numbers that anyone can access you with. It also makes conference calls more accessible than ever – if a participant is unable to use Microsoft Teams, they can simply dial in via telephone to join the call.

Key benefits of Geeks Voice

  • A single point of access for all your calls. It’s easy to switch between chat, call and video with Geeks Voice, using a single unified platform for improved and streamlined collaboration.
  • Transfer calls with ease. Geeks Voice lets you check that colleagues are available before transferring calls. You can also view an individual’s status to quickly see their availability.
  • A trusted and secure platform. All calls made through Geeks Voice are powered by Microsoft’s cloud, which features end-to-end encryption and cloud-based disaster recovery.
  • No hardware installation required. As a cloud-based solution, you can access Geeks Voice without installing any new hardware, saving you time and money.
  • Unlimited minutes for local, national and UK calls*. Our unlimited calling plan means your team can communicate freely without worrying about how long they spend on the phone.

* Subject to fair usage policy. International and premium calls are charged on an individual basis.

Replace outdated telecoms with Geeks Voice

Businesses that use Geeks Voice no longer need to worry about paying for an office-based phone system. By uniting all types of calls via our streamlined platform, you can say goodbye to traditional business telephone services and hello to a simple-yet-powerful cloud-based calling solution.

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