Goodbye servers. Hello Geeks Cloud services.

Imagine if your team could work from anywhere at any time, accessing everything they need from the devices they have with them in just a few clicks. Cloud infrastructure can make it happen.

As soon as they log in from any physical location, everything’s there in front of them: all the files they’ve been working on securely stored on OneDrive and SharePoint; cloud-based Microsoft 365 software ready to go; fast and flexible calls or video conferencing through Microsoft Teams. Whether they’re in Bristol or Brussels, it’s all available at the click of a button thanks to cloud services.

Back in the office, there’s not a server in sight. That noisy, power-hungry server room was decommissioned months ago by your cloud service provider – it’s now home to a pool table and a coffee machine, giving anyone who spends time at HQ a cool place to hang out during breaks.

Everything’s optimised for flexibility, security and speed by your cloud service provider, with predictable costs each month and no more stressing about servers needing to be replaced every five years. If someone new joins the team, they’ll be set up with cloud services in no time, with their own private cloud-enabled devices to quickly access your network and their files from anywhere.

A per-user fee makes this all happen, so it’s easy to scale things up or down according to the stage of the cloud computing journey you’re on. Plus there’s a team of friendly and professional cloud service providers making it all happen behind the scenes, so you never need to worry about systems not working – the Geeks take care of every aspect of your cloud infrastructure.

Now stop imagining. All of this is possible now – there’s an easy way to unlock these game-changing cloud computing benefits. Geeks Cloud is the key.

“Computer Geeks can be relied on to do the right things, and to do what they say they’ll do.”

Ultimately, they’re people I’d hire in my business, which is one of the main things I look for in a partner.

Ben Brown, Onto

“Having expert back-up makes me feel safe.”

It’s a real position of trust, letting your IT loose. With Computer Geeks, we made the right decision.

Hilary Wilson, Provelio

“They’re a professional company, and they’re just good geeks I guess!”

Computer Geeks are flexible, down to earth and they know the market. I get on well with them personally, and that really helps.

Damian Jones, Safpro

Geeks Cloud computing services: your gateway to the modern workplace

Geeks Cloud computing services: your gateway to the modern workplace

As a leading cloud service provider, we created the first version of Geeks Cloud in 2018. With flexible, location-independent work patterns being adopted by companies all over the world, we saw an opportunity to bring business IT up to date, in-line with these new ways of working.

While we knew that the modern workplace was evolving fast, we never could have expected what happened in 2020: a rapid global shift towards remote work and collaboration in response to the pandemic.

Geeks Cloud is a ground-breaking cloud computing platform to help businesses fully embrace the modern workplace. It enables a cloud hosting culture where anyone can work from anywhere, quickly and securely connecting to the digital assets and people they need to reach peak productivity.

Based on Microsoft 365’s world-leading cloud-based service, we’ve curated the Geeks Cloud experience to include the most useful features and technology for modern businesses. While your competitors continue to be weighed down by power-hungry servers and office-based operations, Geeks Cloud breaks your team free from the tethers of traditional IT, giving them the flexible and secure infrastructure they need to work effectively, no matter where they are in the world.

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Geeks Cloud: company benefits

Geeks Cloud: company benefits

• A premium Microsoft 365 experience for businesses
All the features you need, none of the ones you don’t. Geeks Cloud makes Microsoft 365 more intuitive and easy to use, switching on its most useful and powerful cloud-based services for the benefit of your team. From Word, PowerPoint and Excel to OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams, everything you need is included by your trusted cloud provider.

• Unlimited access to our remote cloud provider service desk
Behind Geeks Cloud is a team of passionate cloud service providers, ready to answer your queries quickly whenever you need them.

• All users and computers connected to managed cloud hosting
Geeks Cloud makes business IT extra safe with powerful cloud platform security, frequent backups, centrally managed updates and the ability to wipe any device remotely.

• Endpoint detection and response included
Geeks Cloud includes comprehensive endpoint detection and response. Customers are covered for backups and all facets of security, such as multi-factor authentication, security policies, advanced email protection and advanced device protection.

• Decommissioning old servers and hardware
Say goodbye to that expensive server room and hello to cloud-based services that your team can access from anywhere.

• 24/7 monitoring and central management, handled by cloud service providers
While your team focus on achieving great things, our expert Geeks take care of the all-important monitoring and management your hybrid cloud network needs to run like clockwork.

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Also included:

Also included:

• Fully branded cloud-hosted email signatures developed by our marketing expert
• Registration and administration of your business domains
• Access to the latest features of our ever-evolving Geeks Cloud platform

Break free from traditional IT with Geeks Cloud

Geeks Cloud makes it possible for businesses to achieve so much more. No longer held back by the constraints of physical hardware and office-based systems, the sky (or more accurately, the cloud) really is the limit for you and your team.

We keep Geeks Cloud manageable and scalable with a per user, per month fee. You can add new users whenever you hire new team members, with predictable cloud computing costs that make it easy to budget for IT spend.

Ready to embrace a more flexible, secure and innovative approach to IT? Talk to your trusted cloud providers in Bristol – we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about making Geeks Cloud hosting part of your business.