Enjoy lightning-fast connectivity with Geeks Fibre

Why hamper your team’s productivity with slow broadband? Fast and reliable full-fibre connectivity means your business can enjoy the quickest upload and download speeds available, giving you a measurable advantage over competitors.

Geeks Fibre makes this possible. We’ve teamed up with one of the UK’s best full-fibre digital networks to supply our clients with blazing fast connectivity.

Many providers only offer part-fibre or hybrid fibre solutions, with part-copper cabling that severely restricts the speed you receive. With Geeks Fibre, your network will be powered by 100% optical fibre, providing unbeatable speed, dependability and longevity.

“Having expert back-up makes me feel safe.”

It’s a real position of trust, letting your IT loose. With Computer Geeks, we made the right decision.

Hilary Wilson, Provelio

Key benefits of Geeks Fibre broadband

Key benefits of Geeks Fibre broadband

• A vastly improved online experience
With some of the fastest internet speeds available, Geeks’ full-fibre connectivity loads pages and files faster than ever, increasing productivity throughout your entire team.

• Broadband that’s both fast and reliable
We’ve all experienced the frustration of sluggish business broadband that frequently loses its connection. Geeks Fibre is the opposite of this, offering consistently fast business broadband that lasts all day.

• Future-proof connectivity for digital transformations
If you want to transform old systems in favour of the latest modern workplace technology, full-fibre internet will help to keep everything running quickly and smoothly.

• Award-winning IT support
Get all the assistance you need from the same team with a single, accountable point of contact. We provide unlimited remote support with lightning-fast response times.

• Minimal downtime during your switchover
We’ll advise you on the right date to leave your current provider, only when Geeks Fibre is up and running. We may also advise keeping existing measures for optimal redundancy.

• Take the guesswork out of availability
We’ll check to see if the fastest business broadband is available in your area, so you’ll only move to business full fibre if it’s suitable for you.

What exactly is full fibre connection?

What exactly is full fibre connection?

Business full fibre means connecting your business directly to the full fibre network using optic cables. That’s in contrast to standard broadband, where optic cables are used between the exchange and a local street cabinet, before copper cables provide the broadband connection to your premises.

The result is full speed Wi-Fi or wired connections with the best download and upload speeds, not to mention more reliable broadband because of the higher quality of the cables. It’s becoming the must-have broadband for business customers with the rise of cloud services and our reliance on data.

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How does the business fibre broadband process work?

How does the business fibre broadband process work?

If you want a faster, more reliable internet connection with fibre business broadband, Geeks Fibre can make it happen. Whether your current contract is coming to an end or you’re just tired of slow download speeds, our tried-and-tested process is on hand to help.

• Check your availability
We’ll check your business postcode to ensure availability for the fastest business internet. That means there’s no risk of paying for something you can’t have!

• Crystal clear costs
We’ll explain the costs of implementing business full fibre, so you can make an informed decision. No sales pitches – just the information you need.

• Expert onboarding
A dedicated onboarding engineer will personally oversee and manage the installation projects from order to going live. As a senior member of our team, they’ll ensure seamless onboarding onto Geeks Fibre.

• Ending your current service
We’ll advise you to continue with your current internet package until Geeks Fibre is ready to go. If you have a service like FTTC/SoGEA (standard broadband), we recommend this is kept as a failover line to provide optimal redundancy.

• Ongoing support
Get unlimited support from 8am-6pm on business days with a fast response time of 15 minutes for critical incidents. This ensures you get timely assistance if you encounter any connection issues. Help is available by phone, email or our dedicated ticket platform.

• Easy payment
Pay monthly for your full fibre business broadband along with other services and support from Computer Geeks. That means one contract, one point of contact and one payment for hassle-free management.

Leave slow connection behind with Geeks Fibre

Life’s too short for slow Wi-Fi. Wave goodbye to slow loading times and introduce your team to a new era of unbeatably fast connectivity speeds with Geeks Fibre. Our Bristol team will get you connected with the right package for your needs and ensure better speeds for your company.

We’re always keen to hear from businesses who are ready to embrace the future of IT. For more information on Geeks Fibre or any of our modern workplace solutions in the UK, get in touch today.