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Transform your business with modern workplace solutions. Based in Bristol, Computer Geeks is your trusted partner in navigating the evolving landscape of modern work environments across the UK.


Where are you on your journey to the modern workplace?

How effectively is your technology working for you? And will your current IT set-up continue to serve you as the way we work evolves?

These are questions that lead to an important (if somewhat daunting) realisation: in order to grow and succeed as businesses, it’s vital to continually adapt and invest in technology so that it enables us to keep up with the demands of the modern workplace.

The modern workplace is something we’re pretty passionate about at Computer Geeks. Being able to work from anywhere, team up on projects remotely and access everything you need from the device in your pocket is an amazing thing. We believe all businesses in Bristol and the UK can benefit from embracing the modern workplace, but getting there requires some careful planning.

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What is the modern workplace?

Also known as a digital workplace or modern workspace, a modern workplace refers to a working environment that utilised technology for better collaboration and productivity. That can include meeting rooms with video conferencing or just improving security and collaboration by migrating vital apps to the cloud.

Above all else, it’s a modern approach to working, giving employees the technology they need to work smarter and faster. That often goes hand in hand with remote working or hybrid work, but it depends on the preferences and focus of different companies.

Creating a modern workplace isn’t just about choosing the most powerful tool for productivity or giving employees new devices.

Modernise your workplace with Computer Geeks

Our friendly IT experts in Bristol take pride in helping businesses like yours take full advantage of the latest modern workplace technologies. Some examples of how we can help include:

  • Securely migrating data and software from servers to the cloud
  • Decommissioning outdated hardware to free up space and save energy in the modern workplace
  • Implementing hot desking systems, enabling team members to book desks through an app
  • Supplying computers and laptops, optimised with device management for productive flexible working
  • Enabling inbound and outbound voice calls via Microsoft Teams
  • Providing lightning-fast fibre optic internet connectivity that won’t let you down
  • Supporting teams via our remote service desk, quickly fixing problems and minimising downtime

All our modern workplace services, collaboration tools and remote work solutions are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing us to tailor them to your exact needs.

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Microsoft modern workplace partners

Microsoft modern workplace solutions lead the way to improve business operations, workforce productivity and give you a competitive advantage. So, you want a modern workplace partner that’s familiar with the likes of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Microsoft 365.

How about we go one better? Computer Geeks is a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work. That means we’re approved by Microsoft themselves to assist companies like yours with digital transformation.

Achieving this designation is no mean feat. Successful Microsoft Modern Workplace partners must succeed in partner performance, skilling and customer success. That includes implementing modern workplaces and hybrid environments with great results.

It’s just one example of our continuous improvement to improve IT infrastructure and empower employees for our clients.

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Are Microsoft modern workplace solutions right for you?

If you’re unsure whether Microsoft 365 and co are right for your business, here are some of the benefits on offer:

• Enjoy enterprise mobility

With a Microsoft modern workplace, your workforce has a lot more flexibility. They can work from anywhere on any device, allowing you to introduce remote work or hybrid work policies without impacting on the workplace experience, customer experience or even security.

• Improve employee productivity

So many businesses have experienced the increased productivity of a modern workplace. From more efficient meetings to fewer administrative tasks, you’ll enable employees to focus on what they do best. The result is better business productivity.

• Boost employee satisfaction

A Microsoft modern workplace can improve the employee experience – from eliminating time-consuming tasks to providing more seamless communication. That can be paired with the morale-boosting benefits of remote work, including a better work-life balance.

• Get more from your Microsoft Teams investment

Many companies pay for Teams or Microsoft 365, but don’t use them to their full potential. We’ll help you get more from your technology to improve collaboration, productivity and satisfaction for both employees and customers.

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