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Designed for businesses that already use cloud-based technology, Geeks Modern Desktop equips your team with a single, streamlined remote desktop solution for consistent and dependable business IT.

If your team collaborates through a service like Google Workspace, you’ve seen first-hand the benefits of digital tools that can be accessed anywhere, without the constraints of traditional office-based servers. Yet using these kinds of cloud-based tools without a consistent, company-wide approach to IT can lead to delays, inefficiencies and risks…

“Computer Geeks can be relied on to do the right things, and to do what they say they’ll do.”

Ultimately, they’re people I’d hire in my business, which is one of the main things I look for in a partner.

Ben Brown, Onto

“Having expert back-up makes me feel safe.”

It’s a real position of trust, letting your IT loose. With Computer Geeks, we made the right decision.

Hilary Wilson, Provelio

“They’re a professional company, and they’re just good geeks I guess!”

Computer Geeks are flexible, down to earth and they know the market. I get on well with them personally, and that really helps.

Damian Jones, Safpro

Fix your remote access problems

Fix your remote access problems

Important files may be stored in private folders on another computer that can’t be accessed by the people who need them. Different users may have different preferences over the tools they use – some swear by Google Drive, while others share files through Dropbox, WeTransfer or email attachments. And without a single secure network to store company data, your digital assets could be under threat from cyber attacks or data loss.

Geeks Modern Desktop provides a convenient solution to these problems with an integrated remote desktop. We’ll work with you to provide a harmonious and convenient remote desktop solution for your team’s cloud-based network, combining business software, file sharing, conference calls and more through a single centrally managed network.

A per-user fee makes it easy to scale Geeks Modern Desktop up or down according to your needs, making IT budgeting easier and giving you the power to run your business however you like. Our team of friendly and professional technology experts are always on-hand to keep things running smoothly, so you never need to worry about any software problems – the Geeks take care of everything.

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Remote access for secure flexible working

Remote access for secure flexible working

We launched Geeks Modern Desktop in 2021 in response to a rapid increase in flexible work patterns during the pandemic. The modern workplace was already evolving fast; with national lockdowns forcing people to work from home, companies were quick to adapt. People soon discovered that cloud-based tools like Google Workspace provide a convenient solution for remote access and collaboration.

While these tools are certainly useful, it’s vital for companies to consider security when entrusting cloud-based services and remote connections with business IT. Geeks Modern Workplace actively protects your data, backing up files using industry standard protocols to reduce the risk of data loss and introducing cloud-based measures to prevent cyber attacks from threatening your business.

In short, we allow your team to continue working and collaborating on the go using all their favourite tools. Use remote desktop sessions safe the in the knowledge that your files and data are protected with a secure, seamless remote desktop.

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Key benefits of Geeks Modern Desktop

Key benefits of Geeks Modern Desktop

• Unlimited access to our remote IT support desk
Behind Geeks Modern Desktop is a team of passionate IT experts, ready to answer your queries about Chrome remote desktop quickly when you need them.

• All users and computers connected to a secure cloud environment
Geeks Modern Desktop makes business IT extra safe with powerful cloud-based security, frequent backups, centrally managed updates and the ability to wipe any device remotely.

• 24/7 monitoring and central management, handled by Geeks
While your team focus on achieving great things, our expert Geeks take care of the all-important monitoring and management your network needs to run like clockwork.

• Connect from anywhere on any device
Access from your work computer or another computer remotely. You can even access files on your mobile phone or other mobile device, using the same Google account or access code.

Also included:

• Fully branded cloud-hosted email signatures developed by our marketing expert
• Registration and administration of your business domains
• Access to the latest features of our ever-evolving Geeks Modern Desktop platform

Future-proof your business

With the right technology in place, there’s no limit to what your business can achieve. Geeks Modern Desktop combines the latest and best cloud-based tools in one convenient package, allowing you to embrace current and future business opportunities in the knowledge that your IT can handle any challenge.

Based in Bristol, we keep Geeks Modern Desktop manageable and scalable with a per user, per month fee. You can add new users whenever you hire new team members, with predictable costs that make it easy to budget for IT spend.

Ready to embrace a more flexible, secure and innovative approach to IT? Talk to our UK team – we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about making Geeks Modern Desktop part of your business.