Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Solutions

Bolster your cyber-security defences with endpoint detection and response solutions. Based in Bristol, Computer Geeks helps business across the UK detect and respond to malicious activities and security breaches with EDR.


  • Advanced Antivirus Protection

  • Cyber Security Experts

  • Fully Managed EDR Solution

All included with Geeks Protect & Geeks Cloud at no extra cost to you.


Take a proactive approach to cyber-security

Traditional security solutions like anti-virus and firewalls have served us well for many years – and continue to play a vital role. They compare files and programs to a database of known malware signatures. Matches can then be blocked or removed. But the cyber-security landscape is evolving, and this method can struggle with new, unfamiliar malware.

That’s where endpoint detection and response comes into play, taking a more proactive and advanced approach. It continuously monitors and records endpoint activities, from file changes and network connections to process execution and system behaviour.

Data is analysed in real-time with behaviour analytics and machine learning. This allows EDR to identify suspicious activities and potential security breaches, even with previously unseen or “zero-day” threats.

Fully managed endpoint detection and response solutions

All too often, businesses end up with security platforms full of alerts or notifications. As well as being highly time consuming, it can be counterintuitive in terms of security. If you’re unsure which to check or ignore, cyber-security can suffer.

With Geeks’ EDR solution, we’ll receive all your alerts and notifications as high priority. Our expert service desk will handle everything, taking steps if necessary to look into them so you don’t have to.

• Faster response, minimal damage

EDR plays a crucial role in the detection and response stages of cybersecurity incident management.

EDR helps organisations quickly identify and respond to security incidents on their endpoints, enabling faster threat containment and minimising potential damage.

• Reduced insurance premiums

Not only does EDR allow for the early detection of cyber threats that traditional antivirus solutions may miss, it’s also a commonly requested solution when completing cyber insurance questionnaires.

You’ll likely see a reduction on your premiums when compared to an environment that hasn’t implemented EDR.

• Included with Geeks Cloud and Geeks Protect

EDR comes as standard for our customers on Geeks Protect and Geeks Cloud at no extra cost. In 2023, we have rolled out EDR to all our clients’ compatible devices. That keeps everything managed by a single IT provider.

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Take the hassle out of EDR cyber-security

Our EDR solution takes antivirus protection to the next level. By providing real-time visibility into endpoint activities and leveraging advanced analytics, we empower businesses to detect and respond to sophisticated threats effectively.

We guarantee a fast response time of 15 minutes for critical incidents. This ensures that businesses receive timely assistance when they encounter urgent IT issues. For less critical matters, response times may vary based on the specific situation and level of support required.

Best of all, our endpoint detection and response solutions are included in your core solutions at no extra cost. Sign up for Geeks Protect and Geeks Cloud then let our engineers take care of EDR installation as part of the onboarding process.

We’ll move all responsibilities from your team to ours. You’ll also benefit from unlimited support via phone, email or our ticket platform. That’s available every business working day from 8am to 6pm.

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