Why should I shut down my computer at the end of the day?


Our computers, laptops and desktops play a central role in our day-to-day work, so it is vital we maintain our devices to ensure they work properly. Have you noticed your computer starting to run slow or glitch? A simple but surprisingly often overlooked practice your IT Support will highly recommend is shutting down your computer at the end of the day rather than leaving them in idle or sleep-mode. Whether you’re a large organisation or a small business, devices should be rebooted consistently, but what does turning off your device at the end of the day actually do to help? We’ve written a list…

  1. Rebooting your device daily improves performance

Like any sophisticated device, computers need rest. Continuously running a computer can lead to unnecessary memory usage and software glitches which may degrade the system’s performance over time. Shutting down your computer at the end of the day resets the state of your software, clearing out your RAM, and stopping all processes. This can help maintain the speed and responsiveness of your device. Regular shutdowns and restarts also prompts system updates, which are essential for the device’s smooth running.

  1. Rebooting your device daily enhances security

When your device is on, its potentially vulnerable to security threats, particularly if it is connected to the internet. Cyber criminals often exploit vulnerabilities that are present in devices that are always on and connected, shutting down your device at the end of the day can break the continuous access to your device. Leaving your device on sleep-mode or idle can also mean that the device is still logged into sensitive applications and documents, leaving them vulnerable to unauthorised access, shutting down your device closes these applications and removes the privacy concern. Additionally, rebooting your device is often required to complete the installation of important security updates and patches, strengthening and updating your device’s defences against new attacks, reducing your vulnerabilities.

  1. Rebooting your device daily extends your hardware life

The components that make up your device generate heat while in use, so continuous operation even while in sleep-mode or idle can lead to prolonged heat exposure, which might reduce the longevity of these components. Regular full showdowns allow the components to stop running and fully cool down.

  1. Rebooting your device daily conserves energy

Another benefit of shutting off your device is the reduction in energy usage. Computers can consume a considerable amount of energy, even when in idle or sleep mode. By turning off your device, you will be contributing to a more sustainable environment by lowering your overall energy consumption.

  1. Rebooting your device daily helps battery life

Overuse of your device’s battery by leaving it switched on so the battery either runs out or is left charging constantly can also lead to shorter battery-life, so switching off the device and removing it from unnecessary charging can help maintain battery health.

  1. Rebooting your device daily reduces digital clutter

Restarting your computer not only refreshes your devices hardware, but it also provides an opportunity to clear digital clutter. Do you find yourself lost with multiple applications, documents, and tabs open? Rebooting your device closes all applications and clears temporary files. This can free up system resources and improve overall functionality, speeding up your computers start-up and file access time. It can also be beneficial for your personal productivity, as you can begin your day with a fresh desktop, rather than having to search through yesterday’s tabs and applications.

  1. Rebooting your device daily helps with system maintenance

Regularly restarting your device allows your device’s operating system to perform tasks like disk checking and error fixing on start-up, which can help maintain the overall health of your device. You may also notice that on shutdown and start-up, your device often has updates to perform, which are critical for keeping your device optimised and secure, regular restarts allow these to happen in a timely fashion.


While modern devices such as desktops and laptops are designed to handle prolonged operation, the benefits of shutting them down at the end of the day are lengthy – from extending the life of your hardware, to improving system performance and security. Getting into the habit of switching off your device at the end of the workday, rather than leaving it idle or in sleep-mode is encouraged. Not only will your device appreciate the rest, but you might also enjoy starting your day with a clearer, secure and fast system experience.