IT Infrastructure Management & Upgrades

Robust, efficient IT infrastructures are the backbone of successful businesses in Bristol and across the UK. Don’t let outdated systems slow down your organization’s growth.


If your IT infrastructure is hindering your UK business, upgrading it could be the key to achieving your goals. Whether your team struggles with slow computers or regular crashes are causing important work to be lost, better IT infrastructure management and upgrades could solve your problems while also enabling innovation and efficiency.

At Computer Geeks, we’ve handled IT infrastructure management for hundreds of clients in Bristol and throughout the UK, witnessing first-hand the transformative potential that systems management and upgrading IT infrastructure can have. With reliable hardware, the latest software and processes that run like clockwork, your team will no longer be held back by lagging technology, and will be free to fulfil their roles with an infrastructure that’s optimised for success.

Bring your business up to speed

From replacing old computers to migrating your data from servers to the cloud, there are a range of information technology infrastructure upgrades that can make a big difference to the performance of your technology. These include:

Hardware infrastructure management

This traditional infrastructure refers to desktop computers, laptops, processing units, disk drives and storage devices. These hardware components form a valuable asset that’s critical to business operations for obvious reasons.

Software infrastructure management

Businesses use countless software applications day in, day out. There are several steps you can take to manage these software components more efficiently, such as upgrading software licenses and saving money on redundant applications.

Network IT infrastructure

Network management is vital to keep your business running smoothly. Networking hardware includes routers, hubs, switches, gateways, modems, bridges and repeaters. IT infrastructure management is critical to maintain network access, minimise system downtime and improve performance.

Data storage IT infrastructure

Finally, there’s storage management. This includes servers, server rooms, physical data centres, web servers and cloud storage. It’s vital to maintain data access throughout your organisation as well as reduce the risk of data breaches and loss and ensure disaster recovery is possible.

Cloud computing IT infrastructure

Don’t forget cloud services, ranging from public cloud environments to private and hybrid cloud infrastructure. We can manage and upgrade your company network to future-proof your business, increase productivity and give you a competitive advantage.

How we can help with IT infrastructure as a service

Our IT infrastructure management services cover all components of IT infrastructure and infrastructure architecture to assist in a wide range of business processes.

If you’re planning a change of premises, our team can help to plan and implement the technology for your new location, equipping you with a state-of-the-art comms room that empowers lasting positive changes within your organisation.

Perhaps you want to migrate to new technologies or other systems? We can manage a digital transformation at your pace to minimise disruption while upgrading major components of your IT infrastructure, from physical assets to software and online services.

As a leading service provider, we can also help you with systems management for sustainable growth. Don’t let IT infrastructure hold you back. From networking components and network devices to third-party services and hybrid cloud solutions, we’ll ensure you can scale up your infrastructure solutions alongside your business operation.

IT infrastructure management can even help you reduce costs. Using our wealth of experience and expertise, we can hand-pick specific components of hardware and software that fit your budget and your requirements, so you don’t waste any money on IT infrastructure.

Upgrade today

With reliable and up-to-date technology on your side, you can say goodbye to system failures, data loss and lack of productivity for your entire company. Our friendly Geeks are here to make the process of managing and upgrading various infrastructure types as simple as possible.

Our Bristol IT infrastructure management services will improve resource allocation, boost business value and upgrade various infrastructure components. We’ll keep that closely tied to key features like your operating system and access points to maintain the same great functionality.

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