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Dedicated web hosting service for SMEs in Bristol and the UK, offering reliability, performance and tailored solutions. Optimal uptime and security, backed by experienced professionals and comprehensive support.


The host with the most

Your website is one of your most important assets for marketing and educating customers about your business. Ensuring that it continues to be accessible and secure is important, yet many small businesses entrust their web hosting with impersonal online services, without always knowing how reliable they are.

At Computer Geeks, we can take care of web hosting and domain name management on your behalf, guaranteeing a consistent and dependable service that won’t let you down. Our enterprise-level cloud services for web hosting use SSD storage with high levels of redundancy and availability, alongside robust security and powerful performance.

From simple managed hosting for WordPress and PHP websites to premium plans for e-commerce businesses, allow our experienced professionals to handle everything.

Why choose Geeks as your web host?

There are a few things you want from a web hosting provider, from experience and expertise to the right approach for your business. Computer Geeks ticks every box for companies in Bristol and throughout the UK.

• Experienced web hosting providers

We have a wealth of experience as a web host for SMEs across the nation. When you choose Computer Geeks, you know you’re in good hands.

• Tailored web hosting plan

Our hosting plans are tailored to your requirements. You can scale up or down whenever required, so you’re never compromising on quality or cost.

• Unlimited customer support

Pair our web hosting services with Geeks Cloud and Geeks Protect, and you can access unlimited customer support. You’ll have web host experts on hand to help when it’s needed. Remote support is available every business day from 8am to 6pm.

Find out more about our web hosting services now! Call us on 0117 325 0370


How the web hosting process works

• Consultation

To better understand your business, we’ll arrange a consultation. We can discuss the different hosting features you’ll need and which of our hosting plans is most suitable.

• Assessment

Our team will look at your current servers or cloud hosting service to assess your web hosting needs. This includes your business website, content management systems and more.

• Dedicated hosting

We’ll build a dedicated hosting solution that ticks every box for your business. That includes your hosting server and any additional web hosting features you need.

• Implementation

Time to get started. We’ll handle every step of the process, guiding you through on-boarding to ensure everything runs smoothly for your company.

• Management

Unlike many web hosting providers, Geeks stays by your side. We’ll continually monitor your cloud web hosting and be on hand for support when needed.

Select the best web hosting services for your requirements

Whether you’re simply looking for a trustworthy team to manage your web hosting and domain names or need a more active service that handles updates for your website and plugins, we’re here to help.

Our standard web hosting service includes all the essentials for an affordable price, including domain name and DNS management with a simple billing system that makes budgeting for your website easy.

Our premium offering is more comprehensive, taking a proactive approach to updates across your website that ensures a smooth and consistent experience for customers.

• Benefits of top-quality hosting

Still not sold on web hosting services? Here are some of the rewards you can reap with a top-quality web hosting provider like Geeks:

• Great performance

First and foremost, the best web hosting provides faster load times and better performance for your site. That can be the difference between visitors converting into customers and navigating away from your website.

• More uptime

What use is a website if it’s down? As leading web hosting service providers, we provide unwavering reliability for your business. Our team can maximise uptime for one or multiple websites, so you don’t miss out on potential customers.

• Better security

From your SSL certificate to ongoing monitoring, the best web hosting can provide heightened security for your site and all its users. That means more peace of mind for your business and minimal risk of disruption.

Web hosting made easy

There’s no need to stress about web hosting when you choose Computer Geeks as your partner. We provide web hosting plans that are tailored you with friendly, professional customer support to make the process easy.

To learn more about our standard and premium web hosting services, get in touch today.

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