Backups & Disaster Recovery

Peace of mind for your business data

Having a reliable strategy for backups and disaster recovery is essential for any business that relies on IT. Unfortunately, disasters do happen: from sophisticated cyber attacks to fires and floods, data loss can be catastrophic for companies of all sizes, so it’s crucial to have a recovery plan that will help you bounce back in case of emergency.

At Computer Geeks, we take backups incredibly seriously. We have invested in technology that enables reliable and automatic backups, with systems that alert us in seconds to any potential fault. And with hundreds of TB of SAN storage in our state-of-the-art data centre (complete with advanced cooling, comprehensive security and resilient power), our clients’ offsite backups couldn’t be in safer hands.

Onsite and offsite backups for your business

As well as equipping you with secure backups on your business premises, our 3-2-1 backup strategy ensures that you also have a backup of your data in a secure offsite location. Cloud-based files are also securely backed up, mitigating the risk of data loss in any scenario.

With daily backups of both onsite and offsite data that are checked and validated by our experienced engineers, you can rest assured that your data is safe with us.

Make data loss a thing of the past

Choose a managed service provider that understands the importance of secure backups. Our Geeks care about keeping your data safe: drop us a line to enquire about our all-encompassing approach to backups and disaster recovery.

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