Cloud Migration Services

Cloud environments have countless benefits for businesses of all sizes – from scalability and security to cost and collaboration. But moving to a cloud environment is easier said than done. Computer Geeks provides cloud transformation services in Bristol and throughout the UK to help you at every stage of your cloud migration journey.


Why move to the cloud?

If your business relies on a server-based network, you already understand the significant investment this requires. Servers may also be exposed to greater security risks than cloud services, with server-specific protection strategies required to safeguard your network.

There’s an appealing alternative to this way of working: the cloud. By migrating your data from servers to the cloud, your team can enjoy all the benefits of the modern workplace, collaborating on projects remotely and accessing your network from anywhere.

• More scalability

A cloud service is easy to scale up as your business grows – or scale down if needed. Whether it’s more users or additional applications, you’ll have increased agility with a cloud platform compared to on-premises servers.

• Better security

With the right expertise from a specialist cloud provider, cloud migration can enhance security for your business. That includes better protection from cyber criminals and better redundancy with data backed up by multiple remote servers.

• Remote working

If you’re ready to reap the rewards of remote working, cloud platforms can help. They give employees remote access to everything they need in a secure environment, regardless of their geographical locations.

• Cost savings

Cloud migration solutions can lower costs too. That’s because you’ll pay for the exact space and solutions you need, rather than paying over the odds for one-size-fits-all servers which cost a lot to maintain.

• Easier collaboration

When everyone is connected by one cloud platform, it’s easier for your workforce to collaborate regardless of their location.

An effective cloud migration process

Many UK businesses are put off from migrating to the cloud because of how complicated it can be. When your business has relied on servers for years, the task of moving all that important data from physical systems to cloud-based storage seems daunting.

At Computer Geeks, our experienced engineers in Bristol know the right way to manage this process, guiding you through it in a way that’s manageable, secure and minimises disruption. We understand the importance of careful migration planning, and conduct a full technical scoping exercise before the migration begins to provide a detailed and thorough roadmap of your journey from servers to the cloud.

When we’re done, you’ll be in an ideal position to take advantage of everything the cloud can offer: a flexible, secure and infinitely scalable network that your team can access from anywhere, with predictable monthly costs that make budgeting for IT much simpler.

Here’s what you can expect:

• A bespoke cloud migration strategy

Every migration project starts with a full assessment of your current IT estate, including how much data you’re moving, any legacy applications and how many users need access. We can then build a cloud migration strategy based on your business objectives.

• Smooth transition on your cloud journey

Working to a meticulous deployment model, we’ll oversee a successful migration process at a pace that suits you. You’ll be kept in the loop at every stage of your cloud journey with expert support on hand whenever you need it.

• Migration project management

At Computer Geeks, we take a holistic approach to cloud migration. Our team will take care of moving data, migrating existing applications and post-migration maintenance tasks.

Overcome your cloud migration challenges

Ready to migrate your business IT to a tailored cloud environment? Our team is here to help you make it happen with migration solutions in Bristol and all over the UK. Get in touch today and one of our experts will be happy to guide you through the first steps.

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