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When business IT goes wrong, it can be disastrous for the productivity of your team. System failures, software issues and crashes significantly slow down the delivery of crucial projects. And if your technology isn’t fully secure or backed up, your data could be at risk from a variety of threats, including sophisticated cyber attacks.

When your business relies on technology, it can become overwhelming trying to manage it in-house. You may find certain issues go beyond your expertise or your support company are slow to respond to your calls and don’t seem like the right fit for your business.

With so much to worry about, wouldn’t it be a relief to pass responsibility for your IT on to a support team of dedicated experts who can handle everything for you? With Geeks Protect managed services, you can.

“Computer Geeks can be relied on to do the right things, and to do what they say they’ll do.”

Ultimately, they’re people I’d hire in my business, which is one of the main things I look for in a partner.

Ben Brown, Onto

“Having expert back-up makes me feel safe.”

It’s a real position of trust, letting your IT loose. With Computer Geeks, we made the right decision.

Hilary Wilson, Provelio

“They’re a professional company, and they’re just good geeks I guess!”

Computer Geeks are flexible, down to earth and they know the market. I get on well with them personally, and that really helps.

Damian Jones, Safpro

Our remote support services

Our remote support services

Our friendly and professional support team are here to take the stress out of IT, keeping your business’ technology infrastructure running smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

With a proactive approach to IT support, we can minimise the occurrence of problems and prevent them from affecting your team’s productivity.

Our Geeks Protect support service gives you access to unlimited remote IT and server support from experienced IT professionals so you can focus on what you do best. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work, we provide a dependable managed service to support your IT infrastructure, from rectifying computer problems to ensuring secure remote access.

What does your support service include?

What does your support service include?

Our Geeks Protect support services cover a wide range of IT issues, including problems with servers, remote connection or access issues, troubleshooting computers, network connections and more. We can also fix software and resolve data security problems remotely.

Flexible service agreements can be tailored to your exact requirements, so there’s no need for you to lift a finger. You’ll receive unlimited remote IT and server support with fast response times – within 15 minutes for critical incidents. This ensures you receive timely assistance with any urgent IT issues.

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Key benefits of Geeks Protect

Key benefits of Geeks Protect

• Unlimited remote server support
Receive professional support when you need it from our team of helpful and certified experts. Most requests can be handled remotely for speed and hassle-free convenience.

• Fast response times
Never mind same day. Our excellent service-level agreement guarantees a response within 15 minutes for critical incidents, ensuring that you’re never left waiting long for the help you need.

• 24/7 monitoring
To keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly, Geeks Protect includes round-the-clock monitoring, 365 days a year. This means if we detect an issue, we can fix it quickly, minimising disruption for your business.

• Advanced threat protection
As cyber attacks become more advanced, so do our defences against them. Geeks Protect includes antivirus cover and endpoint management for every computer and mobile device to mitigate risk and provide peace of mind. EDR and ransomware protection are provided as standard from 2023, so there’s no extra cost for Geeks Protect customers.

• Backup and disaster recovery
With daily backups that are checked and validated by our experienced engineers, you can rest assured that your data is safe with us.

• Remote support session reporting
We’ll check in on a regular basis to provide you with an executive summary of the work we’re doing to take care of your IT systems, devices and users.

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Outsource your IT worries with Geeks Protect

Choosing Geeks Protect means you’ll never have to worry about your business hardware, IT systems, servers or even internet connection letting you down. With a flexible managed service agreement that can be tailored to suit your business, you’ll benefit from all the support and expertise our team can offer for a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT department.

Once you’re happy with the agreement, we’ll guide you through a tried-and-tested 1-month onboarding process to pass all IT responsibilities from your team to ours. From there, you’ll receive unlimited remote support via phone, email or our dedicated ticket platform, available every business working day 8am to 6pm.

Simply pay per device each month, with options to scale up or down the level of support you receive based on your current needs.

We’re ready when you are – contact us today for a friendly chat with one of our IT experts.