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With more businesses transitioning from servers to the cloud, we’ve seen a rise in the number of hybrid IT setups: organisations that continue to use servers in the office while also enjoying the cloud-based features of a service like Microsoft 365.

If this describes your current approach to IT, Geeks Protect for 365 is for you. We’ll provide services and configurations to secure your core cloud services (including email through Exchange, calls through Teams and file sharing through OneDrive and SharePoint).

With Microsoft Gold Partner status, our friendly IT experts have the experience and knowledge to support you with every aspect of Microsoft 365, while also helping you manage the parts of your infrastructure that rely on servers.

“Computer Geeks can be relied on to do the right things, and to do what they say they’ll do.”

Ultimately, they’re people I’d hire in my business, which is one of the main things I look for in a partner.

Ben Brown, Onto

“Having expert back-up makes me feel safe.”

It’s a real position of trust, letting your IT loose. With Computer Geeks, we made the right decision.

Hilary Wilson, Provelio

“They’re a professional company, and they’re just good geeks I guess!”

Computer Geeks are flexible, down to earth and they know the market. I get on well with them personally, and that really helps.

Damian Jones, Safpro

What are the threats for Microsoft 365?

What are the threats for Microsoft 365?

When you’re using Microsoft in the office or for remote work, there are lots of different risks to be aware of. Without the right protection, you could be at risk of attacks and other threats, such as:
• Malicious links in email messages (including spam)
• Phishing emails looking to get a user name or password off an employee
• The installation of malware apps on organisation devices

These issues can have a range of knock-on effect for organisations like yours:
• Unauthorised access to sensitive information like customer data
• Loss of vital resources such as data, documentation and other shared content
• A breach of regulatory requirements, causing a serious headache for management and even fines
• Business email compromise, including a loss of access by employees or access by an unauthorised user

Don’t cut corners with protection

Don’t cut corners with protection

To keep your resources and customer data secure, it’s vital to take the appropriate actions. The first step is protection with the right security systems in place for your applications and collaboration tools.

Next is the response, such as backup and granular recovery for Office 365, Sharepoint and beyond. This allows you to restore data from a specific date to ensure nothing is lost in the event of a breach.

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Key benefits of Geeks Protect for 365

Key benefits of Geeks Protect for 365

• Microsoft 365 backup for cloud apps
Defend yourself against data loss including emails, files and Teams data with our dedicated backups for Microsoft 365. With encrypted backups taken three times per day and stored in a UK data centre, we can quickly restore your data when you need it.

• Multi-factor authentication for phishing attacks
Your Microsoft 365 account is 99.9% less likely to be compromised if you use multi-factor authentication, an additional layer of security that protects your accounts against phishing and password attacks.

• Advanced email security for data protection
With 94% of malware being delivered by email, our advanced email security significantly reduces the likelihood of your company being impacted. By scanning web links and attachments to detect and defend against malicious content, this service safeguards your users and business from malware while also providing a defence against phishing and impersonation attacks.

• Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and beyond
Microsoft offers a vast array of tools for tools for business accounts. That extends from Microsoft Teams and Office 365 to Exchange, online storage and other services. Rest assured, we’ll provide the anti-phishing protection and data-loss prevention you need across your Microsoft accounts to minimise security threats and provide complete security.

Receive expert support for your hybrid setup

Choosing Geeks Protect for 365 means you’ll never have to worry about security for your cloud-based solutions and hybrid cloud workloads. With a flexible managed service agreement that can be tailored to suit your business, you’ll benefit from all the support and expertise our team can offer for a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT department.

We'll provide comprehensive management with a holistic view of your users, office applications and security measures. From remote connections to malware prevention, you'll benefit from robust defences and a fast backup response when needed.

We’re ready when you are – contact us today for a friendly chat with one of our IT experts.