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History of Geeks – from Break fix MSP to CSP

IT has always been an industry characterised with fast paced change and none more so than over recent years with the advent of cloud computing and the ways this is revolutionising the IT industry. In 2019 the debate is firmly centered around the changes new Cloud...

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Microsoft 365 & the Front Door Security

Traditional security solutions used to be enough to protect your business. But that was before the demand for working remotely and flexibly grew. In today's digitally transformed workplace, employees expect to be productive whilst working remotely using any device...

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Office 365 – five reasons it’s vital to back it up

You may not be aware but Office 365 doesn’t actually back up your data as part of it’s offering beyond 30 days. In fact, Microsoft only replicates cloud held data in order to observe legal data regulations – and that’s the reason why in 2019, Computer Geeks would...

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The Risks Behind An Unmonitored Server

The Internet is a powerful tool and in today’s digital age, most businesses rely heavily on their IT infrastructure to carry out their everyday functions. However, there are risks associated with accessing the Internet. These can cause serious technical issues to your...

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Computer Geeks announce a new Company Video

Recently there was a hive of activity in the Geeks office as an array of cameras, lights and production staff from Business Film Booth (Huge thanks to Dave Foulkes and Ed Lawrence) joined the Computer Geeks team at our Bristol HQ, with the aim of producing a new...

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What's the investment for total peace of mind?