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The Risks Behind An Unmonitored Server

The Internet is a powerful tool and in today’s digital age, most businesses rely heavily on their IT infrastructure to carry out their everyday functions. However, there are risks associated with accessing the Internet. These can cause serious technical issues to your...

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Computer Geeks announce a new Company Video

Recently there was a hive of activity in the Geeks office as an array of cameras, lights and production staff from Business Film Booth (Huge thanks to Dave Foulkes and Ed Lawrence) joined the Computer Geeks team at our Bristol HQ, with the aim of producing a new...

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Security Threats in 2019

Remember HeartBleed? You will probably remember it if your company was hacked in the five years before the world was notified of the issue. The worrying thing is that the HeartBleed vulnerability was a well-known and beloved part of the hacking community, and yet it...

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IT Security – Best Practices

You are probably going to roll your eyes at some of these security practices because in this day and age they are considered common sense. Nevertheless, they are an important part of your IT security best practices which both you, your business, and your IT...

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How Brexit Will Impact the IT Industry

Shockwaves were sent across the UK in 2016, when the public voted against staying in the EU. This was a shock that sent ripple effects across the business world, affecting various industries. Volatile fluctuations in the value of the pound have been experienced since,...

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What's the investment for total peace of mind?