Introducing Geeks Cyber


We’re excited to announce the launch of our cybersecurity service, Geeks Cyber, coming later this year.

Geeks Cyber is our umbrella of cyber security solutions designed to combat the ever-evolving cyber threats that pose significant challenges to businesses worldwide. With the rise of cyber attacks targeting businesses of all sizes, having a robust and reliable cyber security system in place is vital to ensure the protection of your business.

Geeks Cyber is carefully crafted by our expert team and embraces the latest cybersecurity solutions, to secure your business network and data comprehensively.

What’s included?

We understand that cybersecurity is a top concern for your business in today’s digital landscape, with news of compromised email accounts, data breaches and hacking incidents no longer a rarity, there is a large emphasis on the urgency for robust protective measures.

With Geeks Cyber, we can put your worries to rest, our services include 24/7 monitoring behind the scenes, ensuring that potential suspicious behaviours are promptly identified and acted upon. Our expert team will receive all alerts and handle any potential threats so that you can focus on your business without being overwhelmed with alerts and reports.

Geeks Cyber offers a wide range of cybersecurity services that cater to your specific business needs:

  1. Next-Gen Firewalls:

As a watchguard partner, our next-generation firewalls go beyond traditional solutions, offering advanced features like application awareness, deep packet inspection and intrusion prevention systems, with threat intelligence integration, these firewalls provide the first line of defence against cyber threats.

  1. Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus (as a service)

Geeks Cyber provides the esteemed Cyber Essentials certification as a service, helping organisations enhance their cybersecurity defences. We deploy software onto all PCs and servers, maintaining real-time compliance monitoring to keep your systems protected.

  1. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Our EDR solution takes antivirus protection to the next level. By providing real-time visibility into endpoint activities and leveraging advanced analytics, we empower businesses to detect and respond to sophisticated threats effectively. We’ve written a blog post to explain for EDR works, which you can read here: Introducing Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) | Computer Geeks

  1. Security Awareness Training (coming soon)

Stay tuned for our upcoming security awareness training program, where we educate your team about cybersecurity risks, best practices, and preventive measures. Creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness is key to fortifying your business against potential threats.

Why choose Geeks Cyber?

Geeks Cyber seamlessly integrates with our other Geeks solutions, in fact, this year we have included EDR as part of our Geeks Protect and Geeks Cloud solutions.

If your business is already using or looking to onboard onto one of our Geeks solutions, adding Geeks Cyber keeps all your IT support under one managed IT service provider, this approach ensures that the team handling your cybersecurity understands your network and setup thoroughly, delivering a tailored and comprehensive solution from the get-go.

How do I get Geeks Cyber?

We believe in making cybersecurity simple for businesses. Our expert team are more than happy to guide you through the services, its benefits, and which services we recommend for your IT setup, ensuring you have a clear understanding of what Geeks Cyber can do for your business.

Once you sign-up, our smooth, non-disruptive onboarding process begins, allowing you to seamlessly start benefiting from our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.

Take proactive action today with Geeks Cyber and stay tuned for the launch of all these services later this year. Let us handle your cybersecurity.

Get in touch to get started:

0117 325 0370