Our New Years Resolutions


The start of a new year is often seen as a fresh start, which inspires people to make changes, big or small.  

2022 was a successful year for us at Geeks, with an office renovation, website refresh, upskilling our team and the launch of our newsletter. So, to keep this momentum, we’ve had a little reflection and set some resolutions for 2023…  

1. Create more video content

This year, we want to create more video content than we have before to provide easily digestible, valuable content for you.  

We’re dedicating a couple of hours, at least monthly, to produce a few videos on IT news such as any new releases, videos to quickly explain our solutions as well as fun videos with the team.  

We’ve started strong with two videos filmed, edited and posted and our next filming time scheduled in the calendar! 

2. Keep our servicing area tidy

Last year, we had our office renovated which saw our servicing area increase in size and the modern workplace designs implemented across the walls. Our service desk team have been busy using it for builds, fixes and more which inevitably resulted in wires and clutter, but in 2023 we’re trying to keep it tidy! We’ve got tidy-space solutions on the way. We’ll keep you posted… 

3. Keep our office plants alive 

As part of our office renovation, we thought it would be great to bring in some leafy green plants to join us. Our cabinet top planters and shelving unit are now full of different breeds of plants, you can meet them here.  

Now, this resolution is a rather easy one for us to succeed in, as when Plant Care supplied the plants, they not only installed them, but they also provide a professional maintenance service where they look after the plants for us. So, we can be confident that the plants will remain leafy and green for the foreseeable. 

4. Upgrade our devices to Windows 11

Last year, Windows 11 was released. Many of our devices are now running on Windows 11 so we can make use of all the improved features and security that come with the newer operating system. We just need to clean out that last Windows 10 device hiding in our cupboard to finish the project. 

On an opt-in basis, we are upgrading our customers devices to Windows 11, free of charge, so you can join us with this resolution! Get in touch, our friendly team are happy to help upgrade or replace devices and ensure a smooth transition.  

5. Continue to provide consistently great IT support to our customers 

In our December Town Hall, where the whole team got together to go through the company performance and celebrate the past year with prize wheel spins, we celebrated the great reviews and responses we got from our customers throughout the year.  

And we want to keep that up. As well as actively upskilling our team so we can improve our service, we’re diligently responding to our Smileback reviews to ensure all customers experience our 5 star support. We’re also sending out NPS surveys to encourage our customers to share their thoughts to help us improve our service.   


What are your IT challenges in 2023? Our friendly team are here to help you have a consistently great IT experience, with modern solutions that readily solve your IT challenges, save time and enable the achievement of your goals.  

Get in touch: 

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