Meet our new leafy colleagues!


We’ve recently had our office renovated to refresh our furniture and IT with modern equipment as well as freshly paint the walls and integrate our brand across the space to represent the journey to the modern workplace. We’re really enjoying the space and thought it would be great to bring in some leafy green plants to join us.

What are the plants?

In our cabinet top planters, we have two different breeds of plant, the first is a Sansevieria, which is known for being a great air-purifying plant that filters pollutants from the air.

In our other two cabinet top planters we have Aglaonema plants which is commonly called Chinese Evergreen, they’re popular for the colour and pattern on the leaves.

We also have a few plants in our shelving unit, the first is the Epipremnun Aureum plant, which is known for being difficult to kill and is also one of the top plants for air purifying!

The second plant we have in the shelving unit is the Philodendron Scandens, which is commonly known as the sweetheart plant due to its heart-shaped leaves.

Although we try our best, we’re not huge green fingers here at Geeks, so when Plant Care supplied the plants, they not only installed them, but they also provide a professional maintenance service where they look after the plants for us, so we can be confident the plants will remain leafy and green for the foreseeable!

What are the benefits?

Here at Geeks, we really care about the physical and mental health of our team, so it’s great to understand the health and wellbeing benefits associated with plants throughout an office space, such as improving physical health through the increased humidity levels that interior plants bring and improving our mental health from the innate need that humans have to connect with nature, also known as biophilia.

The plants have really brought some more life to the office and made a great space even better.