Seasons Greetings from Computer Geeks


It’s been another successful year for us here at Computer Geeks. We launched our monthly newsletter, refreshed our website and office, and powered up our team to better support you to unleash the potential of your business.

Let’s toast to the last 12 months as we look forward to what 2023 has in store.

We launched a newsletter

At the start of the year, we sent out our first newsletter, Geekery, which then continued to arrive in our clients’ inboxes each month. The newsletter includes our best insider insights and technical tips to help you forge your way forward on your journey to achieving a secure, modern workplace while also staying up to date with what’s happening at Geeks!

We’re really grateful to say we’ve seen a great response to it; we welcome any feedback on topics you’d like us to cover in 2023 and beyond.

We rebranded our website

Then in April, we launched our refreshed website to better represent our brand and what we do. We updated our branding to encompass the theme of the journey to the modern workplace.

As part of this, we created two Geeks Guides, one around your journey to the modern workplace, this guide was created to help you find out where you are on your journey and discover the next steps, while the other looks at what you should look for in an IT support and service partner. You can find both on our homepage.

We refreshed our office

Following this, and the shift in the last couple of years toward hybrid working, we wanted to create a fresh and collaborative office space our team could work from as part of our hybrid working model.

So, in July we packed up our suitcases and vacated the office, we worked from home and at a temporary location just around the corner. Whilst we were away, AMH Projects got to work.

They implemented our new branding across the space with freshly painted walls and decals to represent the journey to the modern workplace – the designs include blue skies, mountains, and the odd biplane!

We also used this opportunity to refresh our furniture and IT with upgraded, modern equipment and a collaborative space to enable our team to work at their best with an exciting space they can work from when in the office. You can view our office on our website – see our office.


Powering up our team

Throughout the year, we have also been busy increasing value in our team. We’ve not only grown in numbers, with a few new faces among us, but we’ve also been increasing our collective value to our clients.

We’ve worked hard to gain further qualifications meaning we can better serve you.

Thank you

From all of us at Computer Geeks, we’d like to thank you for your partnership in 2022. We’d like to wish you a happy holidays and a wonderful new year, and look forward to supporting you in 2023!