Benefits of using a cloud-hosted email signature solution


Email signatures are not just a sign off, they form an important opportunity to present your brand identity and personal interactions. When used successfully, they can enable you to concisely get across important contact details and information to all your email recipients. Email signatures can also form a key part of a first impression. But how can you successfully roll-out email signatures company-wide that are easy to update and edit with consistent branding?  

Here at Computer Geeks we use Exclaimer, Exclaimer is a world-class centralised email signature management solution for M365, G-Suite and Microsoft Exchange, which allows businesses to deliver consistent and compliant signatures company-wide.     

What are the benefits?

Email signatures can be an excellent marketing opportunity. Creating a brand consistent experience across all users and devices is a fantastic ambition that’s easily realised with the introduction of cloud hosted email signatures. With the careful application of your brand, consistently across all of your staff, on all of their devices, and applied to all new and reply emails, you can ensure brand visibility through your signatures. 

 The ability to roll out an email signature to all staff with Exclaimer removes the need for your staff to individually set up their signature in the email client, which can lead to inconsistent and/or dated branding or no email signature at all.   

The signature design software in Exclaimer is easy-to-use and adaptable. Signatures can include text, smart fields, legal compliance, logos, banners, images and icons, social media strips, tables and GIF animations, making them engaging and interactive as well as easy to design to your brand guidelines. 

Furthermore, you can set up multiple signatures and use smart fields, so you can personalise them on a per user, per group or company wide basis. 

Email signatures also harbour the opportunity for business owners or sales teams to market particular product lines, and service offerings through hyperlinked banner images as a trusted advertising space with your prospects and clients. 

Central management of these signatures allows for quick amendments (such as summer opening times) to be pushed out globally with ease.  

As a top tip, always make signatures look as great as possible even in situations where images don’t load successfully, you never know what pesky email clients might do! 

Here’s our signature designed through Exclaimer –

The banner image is even a GIF animation which flicks through our solutions.

How can I get set up?

Our customers have access to Exclaimer email signatures as part of our Geeks Cloud solution; however, we can also set up Exclaimer email signatures for any customer using M365, G-Suite or Microsoft Exchange. We can guide you on your transition over to a cloud-based email signature, with help designing your signature, inputting necessary user information, testing, rolling it out company-wide and sorting issues or amends. 

Get in touch with our friendly team on 0117 325 0370 or to get started.