Network and Cloud Management

A holistic approach to your IT landscape

An important part of our Managed IT Support is the ongoing support, maintenance and compliance of your network.

Once we have designed and delivered a network installation for you (or if we have taken you into Legacy Support of your existing network), we will be in a position to manage your company network architecture.

Most computer systems these days are a mixture of On-premises and Cloud technologies. We integrate with all of your systems, wherever they are located. This means any recommended or requested changes can be implemented with an appreciation for your entire systems landscape.

Microsoft Gold Partner

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are strongly aligned to Microsoft Best-Practice, which means when we set up and maintain a system, we are doing so with quality in mind. We believe your systems should be set up in the way that the original developers intended, and sticking to the Best Practice framework allows us to ensure total compliance with Microsoft official support, in the same way a construction company will stick to the plans drawn by the architect.

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