Geek Pride Day! What makes us geeks?


It’s Geek Pride Day and here at Computer Geeks we wanted to celebrate this day by taking a look at what makes each of us geeks!

What is Geek Pride Day?

Geek Pride Day appears to have originated from Spain in 2006 and spread across the world via the internet. It’s a day to promote geek culture, celebrated annually on May 25th, the biggest known celebration was in Madrid when 300 geeks came together to form a human Pac-Man!

What makes us Geeks?

To celebrate Geek Pride Day here at Computer Geeks, we asked our team to let us know, in three words, what makes them a geek and with their answers we created a word cloud:

We also asked our team to say, in a sentence, what makes them a geek, and here’s what they said…

“I enjoy delving deep into news, technology or activities that aren’t mainstream”

“I’m excited by and interested in technology, from video gaming to home automation…and everything in between :)”

“Being passionate and enthusiastic about technology”

“I love playing with computers since Commodore 64 in the early 90s XD”

“Getting stuck into finding out how a script/process works”

“Being obsessed or overly enthusiastic about an intellectual hobby”

“I assume something can be understood, even if it sounds difficult at first”

“When I become interested in something, I can obsess over it quite a bit. For example writing down dozens of rubix cube algorithms, memorising them and doing them so often muscle memory takes over. All to reduce the time it takes to complete a cube by about 20 seconds”

“My enjoyment of IT as a whole makes me a geek, I’m incredible driven and passionate about the subject both within work, and outside of work. Even after the working day I find myself researching parts of IT further which benefit me outside of the work environment, sometimes within the work environment as well.

If sitting around building customized computers all day was reasonable and not so expensive, it’d probably be my #1 hobby! :D”


As you can see, we are very proud geeks here at Computer Geeks and we hope everyone has a great time celebrating Geek Pride Day!