Businesses Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan (BDR)


What is Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR)?

You may be wondering what a BDR plan actually is. The clue is in the full name of the plan; it combines solutions for data backup and disaster recovery, in one place. This means that should an incident such as a cyber attack take place, your business is prepared. Having the plan in place means that you can minimise the effect on your data and continue to operate as a business when incidents happen.

When you understand that data loss in enterprise level businesses has risen by around 400% in recent years, you can start to see why BDR is so important.

Many small business owners think that it’s big companies that face the most risk of data loss. This is not true; your business is most definitely at risk. According to Verizon, even a relatively small data breach can end up costing up to $35,730. This is not a cost that you want to have to meet from a tight budget, if you can avoid having to do so. Having a BDR plan in place can help with this.

Why your business needs a BDR plan – five points to consider

There are plenty of reasons why it makes sense to have a BDR plan in place. Let’s look at five of them in more detail.

Protection against nature

There is nothing you can do when Mother Nature decides to do her thing. However, you can protect your data against issues caused by problems such as floods or blizzards. Doing so helps to limit the effects on your business and enables it to continue operating.

Protection against cyber attacks

Cyber criminals think carefully about whom they choose to attack. They often opt for attacks against small businesses because they believe they will come up against less resistance. This is why you need to have a BDR plan in place, to reduce the effects of any such attack.

Protection of client data

If you store and manage a significant amount of client data, you do not want it to be compromised. Having a BDR plan in place helps you to better protect this data and avoids reputational damage, which could be caused by a data breach.

Protection against mistakes

As much as we would like this not to be the case; people are fallible. It’s possible that a mistake by one of your employees could compromise the data that your business holds. Staff training can help to make this sort of situation less likely, and a BDR plan can help to protect the data if an incident does occur.

Protection against system failure

No matter how robust your IT systems are, there is still a chance that they will fail on occasion. A BDR plan helps to protect data if and when this happens.

What should your BDR plan look like?

Knowing that you need to have a BDR plan in place is one thing; putting one together is another. There are several points that you need to consider.

  • The hardware that you use – you may need to create a plan that is specific to this hardware.
  • Pricing that works – your business is likely to change and grow over time. You need a BDR solution that can change and grow with the business, at an affordable cost.
  • 24/7 support – you need to make sure that the support option you choose is available at any time of day or night because you do not know when a disaster will happen.
  • Reputation and reliability – the BDR provider that you choose should have a good reputation, backed up by the opinions of other clients.

The importance of protecting your business

It’s easy for you to assume that your business will not be subject to any disaster that affects the security of data. However, it’s highly likely that your business will encounter at least one of the issues we have mentioned, at some point. This is why you need to make sure that you have an effective BDR plan in place, working with a reputable provider.

Working with Computer Geeks gives you peace of mind

The team at Computer Geeks monitors your IT systems constantly. This means that we always know exactly what is happening. Using Proactive Endpoint Management means that we can see if there are any issues, and take action to reduce the effect on your data and your overall business. We adopt a proactive approach, which means that you get quick and effective resolution of any issues. We also ensure that we know exactly what is happening with your business; as it changes and grows so do our BDR solutions.

We know that disaster can strike at any time, so we monitor your systems every second of the day and every day of the year. We are connected directly to all of your systems, in a secure and safe manner. This means that we are alerted should a problem start to happen. We can take immediate action and limit any effect on the running of your business. In addition we check the health of your systems on an on-going basis and make sure that any updates are completed as required.

Get in touch with us today on 0117 3250370 for more information about how our managed IT services and expert BDR solutions can help your business.