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Using Office365 as an SME

You know how important it is to be connected at all times in the fast-paced environment of business. Microsoft Office 365 provides a means of ensuring this happens.

Using a cloud-based service means that you won’t need to worry about hosting IT services in-house. Instead, get all the software, storage and performance you need hosted by a third party. Get access to your emails, files and banking solutions all in one place, from wherever you are in the world, on whatever device.

How does Microsoft Office365 work?

Office365 is completely cloud based which means that you do not need to have any servers in-house in order to use it. You get access to a full range of Office applications simply by paying a subscription that you choose.

Using a cloud based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution like Office 365 means that you get the tools that you need to collaborate on and share documents and files without having to invest a lot of money up-front. You pay for the services that you use, on a subscription basis.

This means that the teams in your business can work on documents and files in real time and all of the work is synchronised so that you have fully updated documents and files available to anyone who needs to have access.

The Office365 Advantage

There are several benefits that you can get from using Office 365 in your business.

Improved collaboration:

  • Using Office365 gives you access to a range of Office tools including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Individuals can work on documents together without having to email up to date versions back and forth, making collaboration quick and easy.
  • Members of your teams can also communicate using tools such as instant messaging, email and video conferencing. Any user can install Office365 on up to five different devices, including smartphones and tablets, so collaborating on the move is simple.

Improved storage ability

  • Office365 gets you access to 1TB of cloud based storage, in an area called One Drive. All your files are available in one place and anyone who needs to can easily locate them.
  • Files stored in One Drive are updated in real time, and any amendments made offline automatically synch when the user is back online.

Security you can trust

  • All work that is stored in the cloud is encrypted, so all personal, and sensitive data is secured.
  • Track previous versions of documents, and the individuals who made amendments, should you need to.

Time and money savings

  • Only choose the apps and services that you need and pay for
  • Streamline the services you use, and only purchase additional licenses as your business grows.

Work with Computer Geeks to get you started

Cloud technology makes sense for SMEs that want to compete with large companies. If you choose to take this route, you can manage your cloud services in-house. However, cloud technology continues to advance and you’ll need to keep up with the changes in order to optimise potential for your business.

It helps to work with an IT provider that can take the work off your shoulders. They can make sure that moving to the cloud is a simple process that does not cause any disruption for your business. They have the experience and expertise to put to use to make sure that your business grows and develops as much as possible as a result of its use of the cloud.

Computer Geeks is an IT provider that is Microsoft Silver Certified as a Small or Mid-market Cloud Solutions Provider. This means that we can provide hosting services through Microsoft. We are also qualified to provide similar services through other Cloud Services Providers. Call us on 0117 325 0370 to talk about the Microsoft Office365 solutions we can provide for your business.

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