Geeks Cloud C+

Our flagship serverless IT solution for your business

In this solution, all your services and data are moved to the cloud. Remove the need for servers in the office, plus our Remote Unlimited R+ all-inclusive support included. For a per user fee, we’ll move you to the cloud, take care of data security and provide a future-thinking IT solution that lasts.

Best-in-class IT that won’t let you down.

Includes Windows 10 upgrade and installation license, and all the features included within Microsoft’s new platform – Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 is Office 365 with added Enterprise features like Windows 10, Mobile Device Control (GDPR + data controls), offline Microsoft Office Apps (Word, Excel, Outlook), and much more.

To protect you fully this license also includes Computer Geeks IT Support, Antivirus, Management and Support for PCs, proactive security and backups.


  • De-commissioning (and removal if appropriate) of on-premise servers, UPS and on-site backup
  • Your routers take up more networking responsibility
  • Microsoft online services and offline apps, without ever worrying about hardware failure
  • Template-based standardised experience for all current and future users
  • Work-anywhere focus

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Future-thinking Cloud and Microsoft 365-focused solution

Your business focuses on a “cloud-first” strategy which means ideally all future software choices should follow a Software-As-A-Service model. All these features and services will be wrapped into an easy, single monthly fee, per user.

Cloud Services:

  • Microsoft Cloud Collaboration Bundle – Office 365, Enterprise and Mobility Suite, Windows 10, GDPR tools – Work from anywhere, on any device, in a secure and simple way
  • Backup for Office 365
  • Cloud-Hosted Email signatures
  • Domain name hosting of up to 3 domain names

Device Protection:

  • Antivirus
  • 247 Monitoring and Security Updates for PCs
  • Connection of all your PCs to cloud-controlled Microsoft Security

IT Management & Support:

  • Remote Unlimited Support (Service Desk between 8am – 6pm all working days of the year)
  • 30 minute Service-Level-Agreement for any critical incidents
  • Maintenance and management of Geeks Cloud solutions
  • Management and support of routers, switches and WiFi access points (up to 3 of each)

Ongoing Platform Development:

In order to make the most of this solution, continual development and implementation within the Geeks Cloud C+ environment is recommended.

This can include:

  • Time spent to understand business processes and implement these processes within Sharepoint
  • Automation and Workflows
  • Data migration into the platforms
  • Digitisation of processes and flows
  • Integration into other web apps

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