Server Storage & Virtualisation

The backbone of your business is data.

The backbone of all businesses is data. Data is the engine that runs your CRM, powers your website and runs your PC.

Company data needs to be secured, GDPR-compliant, highly-available, accessible anywhere, fast and versatile. In order to provide these features, the way that your data is stored becomes critical. The security standard in which it is stored is also very important, as is the availability of the data.

Ten years experience supplying server storage solutions.

Over the last decade Computer Geeks has specialised in supplying server storage solutions for SMEs around the country.

Proportionally, Computer Geeks supports more servers per head than most MSPs, and this means we handle business critical data every day. We know how to lay out the foundations of an on-premises data centre, and how to migrate your old small business server to Windows Server 2016, for example. We’ve been there since Server 2003, all the way to Server 2019.


Virtualisation is core to how we deliver our on-premises or hosted full server solutions, and we developed a migration and support reputation on Microsoft’s Hyper-V Virtualisation platform.

We’ll migrate you from Vmware to Hyper V, virtualise all your servers, and in doing so provide efficiencies in storage, network and compute. Whether you have a single server environment or 50 Virtual Servers, we don’t mind.

If you have aging servers in your business, or need help to structure, change, implement and improve your IT infrastructure, datacentre, server room or IT cupboard, Computer Geeks are the team you need.

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