Customer Background

Established in 2008 as Linear Building Ideas, supplying doors and door systems, and acting as UK agents for very unique door technologies. In 2014 Selo rebranded, taking a deep look inside to realign their company vision and objectives. Selo are now a sector-leader in simplifying interior design and functionality. In March 2015, they moved to their new headquarters, increasing their manufacturing capabilities. In 2016, prior to our partnership, Selo had suffered a drive failure on their RAID 5 array that wasn’t detected leading to total data loss on the server.

Customer Details

Client Selo
Location Bedfordshire UK

Services Provided:

Partnering with us in 2017, we deployed our Remote Unlimited Managed Service, which includes off-site backups – using our proactive monitoring agents to help predict and prevent any future drive failures and server data loss.

Thanks to our proactive alerts and monitoring, Selo suffered zero data loss and we rebuilt their RAID array the same day, on a manufacturer-approved hard-drive, fully supported under warranty.



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