Network and Cloud Design

Experts in on-premise and Cloud networks

Most companies use a combination of On-Premises IT Infrastructure, combined with some elements of the Cloud. This is commonly referred to as a Hybrid Cloud strategy.

At Computer Geeks we believe it’s important you have an IT partner that is an expert in both.

Design, implementation and innovation.

Over the last decade we have designed and implemented the IT networks for hundreds of companies across the UK. We know what works and what doesn’t.

We keep up to date with Microsoft and other technology vendor Best Practice guidance. When our consultants devise a solution for you, they are doing so with the combined knowledge of our sum of experience, across our entire client base.

Wouldn’t it be better to hire an IT Manager for this?

It’s true that having an in-house IT Manager can be very useful, especially for companies of 100 staff or more. In fact, Computer Geeks has many clients who do have an in-house IT Manager and we work closely alongside them.

The benefit of allowing an MSP (Managed Services Provider) like Computer Geeks to provide your Network and Cloud Design services is the depth of experience of so many different client networks. A career IT Manager will normally have excelled at providing support and design to any company she or he will have worked in, but normally this is just 1 network at a time.

What works for one company will not necessary be a structure that will work across many others. Therefore it’s beneficial to ask the advice of a company who has the experience of 100 networks how something should be structured. We will then work alongside the IT Manager or directly within the business to implement a design which know has already worked with a multitude of other clients we work with (and consequently flushed out the problems for).

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