UBT Trade Expo 2021

Welcome to the Computer Geeks 2021 UBT Trade Expo page and thank you for joining us. Unfortunately we can’t meet face to face this year, we enjoyed meeting you last time at the 2019 UBT Trade Expo.

We have supported the UBT community since 2014, providing valuable IT solutions typically for companies 20-70 staff.

Our values align with the UBT community and we joined the Rebate Supplier Scheme in 2018.

Computer Geeks is market-leading with its innovative Geeks Cloud and Geeks Voice solutions. We specialise in creating a journey to the M365 Cloud and serverless secure network solutions. But even if you’re not at that stage in your journey just yet, we can take fantastic care of your servers, networks and back-ups under our Remote Unlimited support solution.

We’ll work with you to build an infrastructure that won’t let you down and protects the most vital part of your business.

Get in touch to transform your business technology and discover how we can help your business.

Here’s the top three solutions we’ve showcased on our stand:


Geeks Cloud C+

Our flagship Serverless IT solution for your business

In this solution, all your services and data are moved to the cloud. Remove the need for servers in the office, plus our Remote Unlimited R+ all-inclusive support is included. For a per user fee, we’ll move you to the cloud, take care of data security and provide a future thinking IT solution that lasts.

Best-in-class IT that won’t let you down

Includes Windows 10 upgrade and installation license, and all the features included within Microsoft’s platform – Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 is Office 365 with added Enterprise features like Windows 10, Mobile Device Control (GDPR + data controls), offline Microsoft Office Apps (Word, Excel, Outlook), and much more.

To protect you fully, this license also includes our IT Support, Antivirus, Management and Support for PCs, proactive security and backups.


  • De-commissioning (and removal if appropriate) of on-premise servers, UPS and on-site backup
  • Your routers take up more networking responsibility
  • Microsoft online services and offline apps, without ever worrying about hardware failure
  • Template-based standardised experience for all current and future users
  • Work-anywhere focus

If you want to know more, get in touch. You can set up a call with our team through Calendly by clicking here, by calling 0117 325 0370 or emailing UBT@geeks.co.uk. Our friendly team are happy to discuss this further with you.


Geeks Remote Unlimited R+

Unlimited support, so your IT issues stay resolved

Let us take full responsibility for the maintenance of your IT systems. We’ll minimise the occurrence of IT incidents through the successful delivery of Proactive Managed Services.

Remote Unlimited R+ includes:

  • Unlimited remote support – our fully-manned IT department is open for you in UK business hours, ready to take your call
  • 1-hour Service-Level-Agreement for any critical incidents
  • 24/7 365 Monitoring for all of your IT infrastructure
  • Real-time support and servicing for all your IT infrastructure, including Managed Threat Protection (Antivirus cover and Endpoint Management)
  • Unlimited backup licenses for your virtualized servers
  • Fully-automated backup strategy and alerting any failures or warnings
  • Regular executive summary reports, giving you peace of mind that your investment is resulting in healthy systems and happy users

Tailored to you

Our Managed Services Agreement is tailored to your business needs. We construct a suitable IT support service level to support you. This includes support for incidents, proactive management and ongoing support for IT managers. We can also provide an IT procurement service, obtaining hardware, software, warranties or 3rd party IT service agreements, cloud platforms and web products and services on your behalf.

When you need them, they’re there

If you want to know more, get in touch. You can set up a call with our team through Calendly by clicking here, by calling 0117 325 0370 or emailing UBT@geeks.co.uk. Our friendly team are happy to discuss this further with you.


Geeks Voice

A modern telephony solution

Geeks Voice is a new, modern, cloud-based telephony solution with Microsoft Teams at the centre.

Computer Geeks have partnered with a trusted and well established telecoms provider, to bring everything that’s great about Microsoft Teams Calling to your business, with the added benefit of unlimited UK geographic and mobile calls and of course our fantastic support.


  • Use any device

Communication preferences vary widely from person to person, some employees may prefer a desktop handset whilst others prefer a laptop and headset, Geeks Voice provides a flexible solution.

Geeks Voice even makes it easy to switch between devices mid-conversation. Simply park calls and pick them up on your preferred device by entering a code.

  • …from any location

With Geeks Voice, wherever you can connect to the internet, you can make a call. This means that calls can be made with any device you prefer, in any location, whether that be in the office, on the road or at home.

Similarly, you can make calls with others from many different locations, networks and devices. Geeks Voice makes it possible for you to call recipients at any time via Microsoft Teams even if the recipient does not have Microsoft Teams themselves.

With every contact in one place, you can add and remove contacts from the call with ease.

  • Unify your communications

Using Geeks Voice, you can simplify your communications by having calls, chat and meetings all in Microsoft Teams.

You can easily switch communication between chat, call or video and begin calls from calendar invites all on one platform for easy collaboration.

Geeks Voice will replace on premise or cloud telephone systems as it will be delivered by Microsoft Teams, meaning less applications for you to

Transferring calls to colleagues is also now easier than ever. With Geeks Voice, you can consult others before transferring the call to check they are available as well as view their status to see their availability.

  • Use a trusted and secure platform

Geeks Voice uses a secure and trusted platform through Microsoft’s cloud. It features end to end encryption and the cloud-based server supports disaster recovery.

  • Save time and money

Geeks Voice is a fully cloud managed service so no installation of hardware is required; you will save time and money by incorporating your communications into one provider.

  • …with an unlimited calling plan

Geeks Voice overcomes the complexities and limitations of other calling plans, which lets you focus on what counts. With unlimited minutes (subject to fair usage policy) for local, national and UK calls, you can communicate with clients without worrying about the time spent on the phone.

If you want to update your telephony system to Geeks voice, or you just want to know more, get in touch. You can set up a call with our team through Calendly by clicking here, by calling 0117 325 0370 or emailing UBT@geeks.co.uk. Our friendly team are happy to discuss this further with you.