William Golding

William Golding is a Nobel-prize winning author, most famous for “The Lord of the Flies” and two-time Booker Prize winner for his works “Rites of Passage” and “To the Ends of the Earth”. He was knighted by HM Queen Elizabeth II in 1988 and made a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, The Times ranked him third on their list of 50 Greatest British Writers. Since his death in 1993, his estate has continued his legacy.

Client need:

The William Golding estate wanted to ensure the network infrastructure was secure and in line with best practise. They also wanted top-specification computer equipment and a virtual server, to ensure their team had everything they needed in place. We were happy to be able to help out such an important cause.

Our solution:

  • IT Consultancy
  • Installation of on-site server
  • Installation of high quality workstations
  • Server Virtualisation technologies employed
  • Remote Desktop platform utilised


By providing IT consultancy to the William Golding estate, we were able to identify and match their requirements exactly. We provided a new network infrastructure, in accordance with Microsoft Best Practises. The team were delighted with the new workstations, and the virtual server brought everyone peace of mind. Security provided by best in breed back up, meant that the team could be confident that their IT was taken care of.

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