With over 50 years’ experience, Ultrimax are a renowned paint coating manufacturer. Founded in 1973, they are a complete solution for paint shops, specialising in delivering top-tier paint, spray equipment, consumables and total paint shop support and technical packages to various specialised sectors such as rail, joinery, plant, and steel fabrication.

With technology ever evolving, Ultrimax have a proactive approach to IT.

The Evolution of Partnership

Geeks came onboard as Ultrimax’s IT Support partner in 2022; Ultrimax’s existing IT support contract was up for renewal and highlighting their motivated approach to IT, they were already embarking on a journey to modernise their IT setup and were looking for an IT Support company who could enable this. So, they opted for Geeks Protect – our robust IT support solution for businesses with servers.

The project objective – Improving the network experience

With slow internet and server access, outdated switches and access points impacting the business, Giles, Managing Director of Ultrimax, understood the critical role IT plays in their operations and recognised that a network infrastructure overhaul was necessary.

Completing the project – The network overhaul

Once the project received the green light and all equipment was dispatched to our office, our dedicated Project Engineer, Kieran, engaged in an initial kick-off call with Giles. This meeting delved into the specifics of the equipment, what would be completed during the onsite visit and what benefits the project would bring.

Following this, the equipment underwent configuration at our office before being carefully packed for transportation to Ultrimax.

Due to the geographical distance from our office to Ultrimax, Kieran arrived on Thursday evening, so that he could be on-site at 7am on Friday.

Because the project would be high-impact, with the whole network having to be taken down to change the core network components, conducting the on-site phase of the project during off-business hours at 7am ensured minimal disruption.

Post-implementation, our Project Engineer, Kieran, stayed on-site for an additional hour to allow the team to log in, and conduct real-time checks to confirm the seamless operation of the new network equipment and ensure it was well-received.

The project’s impact extended beyond a technological upgrade, it involved the installation of a state-of-the-art firewall with enhanced security features, high-speed network switches, and cutting-edge wireless access points, boasting Wi-Fi 6 technology. This not only addressed existing performance issues but also future-proofed the network against emerging challenges.

A significant aspect of the project included the organisation of the network cabinet. This involved replacing long cables with shorter, more manageable ones, and eliminating tangles. The revamped cabinet ensured that any future troubleshooting would be more efficient and less time-consuming.

The on-site phase of the project, though comprehensive, was executed with efficiency, taking approximately 2 hours. By 9am, they were back online, with faster internet access and a more robust network infrastructure.

Meeting the deadline – A two-week turnaround

Understanding Ultrimax’s urgency, especially with the desire to have the new network up and running before Christmas, the entire project – from the initial kick-off call with Giles, to on-site completion – was accomplished within a tight two-week timeframe. This prompt execution showcased not only our technical expertise but also our commitment to meeting client expectations and deadlines.

The benefits of a network overhaul

Ultrimax now enjoy a network equipped with new, fast, secure, and reliable hardware. The enhanced security features of the new firewall provide peace of mind, while the faster internet and improved network performance enable better business productivity.


I am delighted with the exceptional IT support provided by Computer Geeks. Their team demonstrated expertise in implementing state of the art firewall and security. In addition, the integration of a high-speed network and wireless access points has increased our internal communication, day to day operations and connectivity in all areas.

I would recommend Computer Geeks for their commitment to deliver high quality IT solutions!”

Giles Hoare, Managing Director, Ultrimax