Springbird, an IP-based law practice working remotely across the UK, specialises in delivering end-to-end intellectual property protection services to esteemed clients such as Xīn And Voltaire, Gymshark, Butternut Box, and Fever-Tree.

With a visionary outlook and aspirations for expansion, Springbird sought to establish an independent IT support system that would facilitate their success and growth.

Client Need

Recognising the opportunity to innovate and differentiate themselves, CEO Laura identified an immediate requirement for a secure and flexible IT setup at Springbird. To meet their goals and thrive in their dynamic working environment, Springbird desired a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure.

How we came onboard

In January 2023, Springbird approached our team, having already entrusted us with their IT needs in a previous company. Their decision to partner with us as their Managed Service Provider (MSP) was a testament to their confidence in our ability to consistently deliver exceptional IT experiences. With a go-live date set for February 1st, 2023, we swiftly commenced the onboarding process, knowing time was of the essence.

Solution Implementation

To ensure a seamless transition and address their specific requirements, we assigned our experienced Senior Project Engineer, Tom, as their dedicated Onboarding Engineer. Leveraging his expertise, Tom conducted a thorough analysis of their existing systems and engaged with Springbird’s staff to configure and integrate their infrastructure with our solutions.

Given Springbird’s previous successful migration to Geeks Cloud for their previous company’s IT setup, we decided to migrate their IT infrastructure to the same solution. This decision allowed Springbird to embrace modern working practices and benefit from enhanced efficiency and scalability.

Throughout the onboarding process, Tom meticulously migrated their data to a dedicated database, seamlessly transferred email communications, and implemented essential policies. Additionally, he established SharePoint as a centralised hub for the storage and organisation of their internal processes and policies, streamlining collaboration and access.

Successful Onboarding

Thanks to the collaborative efforts and efficient execution, Springbird was fully onboarded and equipped in time for their target launch date of February 1st. The seamless integration of their IT infrastructure provided Springbird with a solid foundation to conduct their business operations smoothly, empowering them to focus on their core expertise in intellectual property protection.

The benefits

By addressing Springbird’s immediate need for an independent IT support system and implementing a secure and agile infrastructure, we enabled Springbird to pursue their ambitions for success and growth. Our partnership with Springbird exemplifies our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that empower businesses to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Tom’s expertise throughout the onboarding process earned high praise from Springbird’s team members:

“Tom you have been amazing, thanks for all your help so far. You have been very gracious over all my silly questions. I am sure there are more to come!”

“Thank you, Tom! I have no clue how much work and effort goes in to a project like this (I imagine LOTS) but you made it seem effortless for us 😊”

“Thanks Tom for all your help!! You have made it so much easier for us”

“Thanks for all of your help, Tom. You made it look effortless! I second what Lisa said and I will definitely have a few more questions to come!”

Their positive experience with our team has laid a solid foundation for a great partnership, ensuring ongoing growth and success for Springbird.