Provelio are strategic project management consultants, they specialise in the built environment, delivering successful projects on behalf of their clients.

Provelio are a very progressively minded company, they have a Bristol and London office and utilise a hybrid-working model which is empowered by their IT.

Client need

Provelio originally came to us for an initial scoping session where we reviewed their requirements around SharePoint.

They were at a place where they were looking to move to the cloud with a SharePoint document management system, so Provelio began looking for an IT Support Provider that could enable their business ambitions.

How we came onboard

Our Technical Director, Rob, completed an initial day of consultancy to discover their requirements and created a document on recommendations, which we then implemented.

After completing the consultancy work, Provelio saw the benefit in having a supplier that could not only support their current setup, but also help them to envision and achieve their goal to move to a fully cloud-based setup.

Computer Geeks were also able to accommodate SharePoint development as professional services, which previously Provelio needed to resource from another 3rd party. There was a benefit of unifying the suppliers to Computer Geeks.

After a smooth transition from their previous IT Support Provider, our team began the roadmap to the cloud.

Our solution

We implemented a project to take Provelio to the cloud with our Geeks Cloud solution.

This would enable their team to work from anywhere, at any time, accessing everything they need from the device they have with them through OneDrive and SharePoint.

Based on Microsoft 365’s world-leading cloud-based service, Geeks Cloud is curated to include the most useful features and technology.

The benefits

Provelio are now a Geeks Cloud customer, with a fully cloud-based IT setup. This enables their team to productively work from anywhere whilst having the confidence that a team of IT experts are only an email or phone call away every business day (8am-6pm) to provide unlimited support with any IT issues that they’re having and support for any IT infrastructure and domain names is all-inclusive.

All the files they have been working on are securely stored on OneDrive and SharePoint. So, whether they’re at home or in the office, all the files and applications they need are available to them.

All of their data stored in Microsoft 365 is also fully backed up in a completely separate and secured back up cloud which is automated and monitored with systems that alert us to any faults in seconds. We ensure that all clients have daily backups that are checked and validated by our experienced engineers.

Provelio enjoy that Geeks Cloud is both manageable and scalable with a per user, per month fee. This means they can easily predict the cost of hiring a new team member and budget for IT spend.

They feel as though they have built a trusting relationship with our team here at Computer Geeks:

“It’s a real position of trust, letting your IT loose. IT is so key to the business, you want to know there’s a degree of security. But we made the right decision.

It makes me feel safe because we have that expert backup. It would be a whole lot scarier if I was trying to navigate this on my own. But I don’t feel I am.

I also value being able to pick up the phone. I’m the liaison this side with our IT, but I’m not an expert. They recognise me, they know who I am.”

– Hilary Wilson, Provelio