Lesser & Co.

Transforming Lesser & Co.’s IT Landscape with Geeks Cloud

Lesser & Co. is a reputable firm of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors based in Chingford. Established in 1988, Lesser & Co. have an impressive array of services, they bring a wealth of expertise and experience to guide clients through their financial matters in a clear and straightforward manner.

In an era where technology is essential to business growth, they recognise the importance of a modern IT system that can support their business needs while providing an excellent experience to their clients.

Partnering with Geeks

The journey with Computer Geeks began in 2018, when Lesser came onboard with what is now our Geeks Protect solution, placing their IT setup, including a server, under our expert support.

Over the subsequent years, we have supported their growth, and in 2023, we highlighted that their existing server was soon reaching the end of its 5-year lifecycle, which meant it was now showing signs of aging and limitations.

The options were clear: renew the server warranty for a short extension, invest in a new server, or take the leap to a cloud-based environment, eliminating the need for a physical server altogether.

Managing Director of Lesser & Co., Keith, understood the evolving landscape of business IT, and so they were looking at shifting towards a more flexible and modern approach to IT. Therefore, Keith began talks with our Technical Director, Rob, to understand the suitability of our Geeks Cloud solution and taking their business IT to the cloud with a complete IT overhaul.

Geeks Cloud is designed to empower businesses to embrace the modern workplace, which suited the ambitions of Lesser & Co.

Implementing Geeks Cloud

Following the green light on a project to take Lesser & Co. to the cloud, Patrick, one of our experienced Senior Project Engineers, was assigned as their dedicated Project Delivery Engineer, to ensure a seamless transition onto the Geeks Cloud platform.

Our thorough understanding of Lesser & Co.’s existing infrastructure, cultivated through years of support, enabled us to tailor the process to their needs.

Patrick led the implementation, providing regular updates on the progress.

The project included a total IT overhaul; not only did Lesser and Co. go from server to cloud, but they also had new machines and peripherals for the team.

It was a conscious move from Keith to go to a modern workplace and so the project included replacing their desktop machines, monitors, and peripherals with new, powerful technology to enable Lesser and Co. to operate in a secure and productive manner.

The benefits

The transition from a server-based to cloud-based infrastructure has empowered their staff to operate within a secure and modern environment, allowing for increased flexibility, seamless collaboration and streamlined communication.

With Geeks Cloud, Lesser & Co. enjoy unlimited access to our IT service desk of experienced engineers, ensuring prompt resolutions of any queries. Their IT setup is protected with robust cloud-based security, regular backups and 24/7 monitoring and management checked by our team of experts to ensure their IT functions flawlessly.

The reliance on an aging physical server has been removed and replaced by a cloud-powered network, accessible to staff from the office or remotely, enabling Lesser & Co.’s team to focus on what they do best.

By embracing cloud technology and new machines, Lesser has not only modernised their IT infrastructure but they have also enabled an environment which will support growth, innovation, and flexible work practices.

This transformation highlights the potential that Geeks Cloud offers to businesses seeking to move away from traditional IT and embrace the limitless possibilities of the modern workplace.

“Geeks Cloud has revolutionised our business. Moving to a laptop rather than desktop structure “work from anywhere with a wifi connection” means our team can have full flexibility from home or office with the same quality experience with video, in built webcam and Microsoft teams operating fully. This is good internally and externally for client meetings on Zoom or Teams.

A great investment and everything is much faster plus we lost a great big server so have more office space. It has given us permanency following the sticky plaster remote working solution we had during COVID and everyone loves it. Patrick was exceptional at every stage.”


Keith Lesser, Managing Director, Lesser & Co.