Backups & Disaster Recovery

Your trusted, proactive security partner

Currently, Computer Geeks are responsible for the backup & disaster recovery strategies for almost 100 clients. Whilst building up our client base in the business of supplying server and cloud networks, we’ve ensured that we focused on backups as a core objective.

At Computer Geeks we take backups very seriously. We have invested heavily in technology to ensure maximum visibility, reliability and automation for backups, as well as over 100TB of SAN storage in our data centre for off-site, co-located backups.

Complete backup strategy

All of our clients have on-premise backups as well as off-site backups as standard. This allows us to monitor and report on the success of all client backup strategy, and ensure that our Service Desk maintains the success of the backups.

Partnering with a company who is fanatical about backups is a real advantage for companies looking for peace of mind. Sleep easy knowing that Computer Geeks are protecting your data 247 and monitoring to see if anything is going wrong.

Choose a partner who’s fanatical about backups. Call us on 0117 325 0370.