What’s ransomware detection?


Here at Computer Geeks, we remain committed to providing a consistently great IT experience for our customers by using the best-in-class software, hardware, and solutions to deliver our services.

As a response to the ever-evolving Cyber Security threat landscape, we are excited to announce that our solutions, such as Geeks Cloud and Geeks Protect, will include ongoing ransomware protection for all Windows devices.

What does this mean?

Within the first few months of 2023, we have been enabling Ransomware Detection across our customer base through the platform we use to monitor and support Windows devices. This means that our customers can benefit from an extra layer of security against ransomware attacks.

Ransomware Detection monitors for the existence of crypto-ransomware on devices through behavioural analysis of files. In the event of an infection, the software will alert us immediately.

If ransomware is detected, the device is isolated from the network and an attempt is made to stop the suspected ransomware processes, altogether preventing the ransomware from spreading.

What are the benefits?

Knowing instantly

When the software detects unusual activity such as files being encrypted by the ransomware, indicating an attack, it will alert us immediately. This gives us time to work to prevent the spread instantly, rather than a user having to report an issue, where the ransomware may well have spread much further.

Automatic isolation and prevention

As soon as ransomware is detected, the software can isolate the affected device from all other devices on your network to prevent further spread to other devices.

Automatic prevention

The software not only isolates the device, but it also attempts to stop the suspected ransomware processes on the device to limit any further encryption.

Remote access

Despite the software isolating the suspected infected device, our Service Desk can still access the device to take action and resolve the issue.

Quick recovery

You can quickly recover from a ransomware attack as our Service Desk can restore your device from a previous backup prior to the ransomware attack, so your business productivity is not affected, and your data remains secure.

Once we are 100% confident the device is no longer infected with the ransomware, we can reverse the device isolation and return its ability to connect to the internet and other devices on the network.


We’re very excited to enable this software across our customer base, ensuring your data and network is secure.


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