How do we receive feedback from our clients?



Behind every great IT Support and Service provider is a team of friendly and professional IT experts who are on hand to help you with any IT challenges and goals.

Your IT Support partner should be an extension of your team and want to build a trusting relationship. Here at Computer Geeks, we always like to know if we’re doing a great job, and we have a few ways we can find out…

Customer Satisfaction Survey System

Towards the end of last year, we replaced our current feedback system with a customer satisfaction survey system called SmileBack. It’s not only quicker to complete, but also better suited to mobile devices and hooks into a platform that allows us to provide the very best level of customer satisfaction.

On the completion of each ticket, clients are asked to let us know how we did, with the ability to click on one of three smiley faces (good, neutral, and bad). There’s also the option to provide written feedback, which we always recommend when someone has gone the extra mile, or a bit of explanation is needed.

We encourage all our clients to complete the surveys as often and candidly as possible as we really do take on board the responses:

Positive feedback – When we receive positive feedback, we love to highlight hard work and celebrate success. Positive feedback really does mean a lot to the team.

Neutral/Negative feedback – If we’ve missed the mark, we want to address the issue as quickly as possible and make improvements moving forward. For neutral or negative feedback, we will always get in touch to find out why, learn from it and make it right.

We like to share our reviews on our social media channels, here are a few recent reviews we’ve shared:

“Geeks are always very efficient and friendly. The tone of their emails is professional but also simple enough to understand what they are talking about/what’s required/etc. A happy customer.”


“Thank you to Chris who made my day a lot easier by sorting my laptop problems out, whilst putting up with my puppy barking in the background!

I can honestly say Computer Geeks provide an amazing service every single time and have the nicest and chatty employees. Thanks Chris!”


“Jason was great – really speedy and helpful. Explained everything very clearly and very friendly.”


“It was fantastic to speak with Jim, he was faster at solving my problem, so I was able to continue with my job. Thanks again, fantastic customer service.”


NPS Survey

Twice a year, we send out an NPS Survey. Net Promoter Score surveys ask clients how likely they are to recommend a business to understand their overall happiness with the company. The way the scoring is worded and displayed is always the same with a scale of 0-10 for “not likely” to “very likely”, there is also the option to add a comment.

We encourage our clients to take a moment to fill out our NPS survey and share their thoughts to help us improve our service.

You can find some of the comments related to our latest NPS survey on our Google reviews!


We’re always happy to speak to our clients, whether that’s via tickets or projects, our dedicated Support Desk, Projects and Sales team enjoy chatting to our clients and providing the best experience.

We also remain in communication through our monthly hardware lifecycle reports which are sent via email to primary contacts. They easily inform our clients of their hardware infrastructure so they know exactly what they have and when they should be considering replacements.

Last year, we also launched our monthly newsletter, Geekery, which is sent out to our clients monthly and keeps readers up to date with the ever changing (and sometimes perilous) landscapes of business IT. It contains our best insider insights and technical tips to guide you on your journey to a secure, modern workplace. You can sign up to the mailing list here.


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