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What is MAM?

Mobile application management (MAM) is software that allows businesses to secure business applications on user’s personal mobile devices and tablets.

The security of company data on mobile devices is an important consideration for any business, and a key requirement for compliance standards such as Cyber Essentials.

In recent years we’ve seen the transition from company issued mobile devices to a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) strategy, whereby employees access company data such as emails, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive from their personal iPhone or Android device.

There are many advantages to a BYOD approach:

  • Cost saving to the business
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Staff get to use their preferred device (Android users aren’t forced to use an iPhone and vice versa)

However, if businesses are no longer issuing devices to staff and securing those devices under mobile device management (MDM) policies, how do we ensure company data remains secure? The answer is the use of mobile application management (MAM) in place of MDM.

How does MAM work?

Company data within specific “managed apps” on employee mobile devices are protected by security controls detailed in an app policy.

What about personal data on these devices?

There’s no need to worry about your personal data on these devices, MAM only protects devices in the work context, meaning personal data is unaffected and unmanaged even within managed apps such as Outlook or OneDrive.

What are typical security controls?

These security controls typically include:

  • Encryption of data
  • Passcode/passphrase/biometric requirement
  • Restriction of copy/paste out functionality

If a personal mobile device is stolen, or someone leaves the company, what controls do we have?

A “selective wipe” can be performed which removes company data only from each of the managed apps, personal data is unaffected.

How do I make sure users are utilising managed apps to access company data?

A policy is configured within the Microsoft 365 tenant which mandates any access to M365 services from a mobile device must be from a managed app.

Do Computer Geeks implement MAM?

Mobile Application Management is most relevant to companies who are using M365 cloud services comprehensively, and with this in mind we include the solution as standard with Geeks Cloud.

Those companies who are operating a hybrid environment with perhaps only email only in M365, or some use of Teams and OneDrive, for example, can still benefit greatly from this technology.

If you’d like to speak to use about MAM and how we can better help you secure your company data on mobile devices then please get in touch, our friendly team will be happy to discuss this further with you.

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