Investing in your workplace is worth it, here’s why…


Our MD Nick has written an open letter to ambitious business owners…

“Invest in your team, invest in your office, invest into achieving a modern workplace.

There is a lot written these days about the importance of a positive company culture underpinning your organisation. As a fellow small business owner myself, in the last 3 years or so, I have focused hugely in this area.

Investing in the following areas have reaped a lot of benefits:

Office environment – we recently renovated and refit our office space, with enhanced facilities for staff (showers, lockers, hot-desking, games consoles, big TVs, better refreshments and flexible working practices).

Personality-first recruitment strategy – we adopted a recruiting practice whereby the personality of the individual is weighted as importantly as skills, plus a more rigorous induction process.

Progressive leadership strategy – we have been working on setting clear vision, mission and value statements and creating marketing materials that promote a positive culture in our board meetings.

Due to this investment, the outcome has been widely felt across our teams and even felt by our customers.

The investment in the office, particularly, which included a total refresh of our IT (computers, laptops, network, TVs, peripherals), has meant, honestly, a huge uplift in motivation and attitude across the team, which has helped to drive productivity and improve staff retention.

And if you’re worried about the cost, from a finance point of view, almost the entire capital outlay for the office investment has had no effect on the P&L due to the investment mainly being recorded as a capital investment, and so if you have some excess cash in the business, this is a great time to invest, particularly with inflationary pressures on cash savings.

So, what is stopping you?”


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