We’re supporting Ukraine


In response to the crisis in Ukraine, Rapid Relief Team launched Operation 322, donations are enabling them to deliver huge amounts of food, care and baby products to Ukrainians in need.

We’re proud to be supporting Ukraine by donating over £1,000 which provides 756 meals to Ukrainians.

Who are Rapid Relief Team?

RRT deliver relief to people across the world, with teams in Australia, the United Kingdom, North and South America, the Caribbean, Canada, New Zealand and across Europe. They expand their support services to meet the need of any crisis whether it be fire, flood, or humanitarian need.

How are they helping Ukraine?

Rapid Relief Team’s goal was to provide over 300,000 meals for Ukrainians in need, they have created family food boxes designed to feed a family of four for approximately 3 days, the boxes were developed with the UK NHS Eatwell to ensure a balanced and nutritious mix.

As part of the wider operation, they have been loading trucks with not only food boxes, but care packages equipped with personal care products and baby care kits containing nappies, formula, bottled water and blankets. RRT were able to scale up the operation after exceeding their initial goal to raise £250,000, by raising over £1 million, thanks to the generous support of people around the world.