Our New Telephony: Geeks Voice



Microsoft Teams is a great platform that we here at Computer Geeks use on a daily basis to streamline our communications. And you can too, with the arrival of Geeks Voice…

What is Geeks Voice?

2020 has called for businesses to adapt and adopt a more flexible way of working. Many businesses are now opting to continue with a hybrid workplace, allowing employees to choose between working in physical offices or remotely. Meanwhile, Microsoft have been busy innovating to keep up with the needs of businesses, allowing employees to stay connected and keep working.

They have recently expanded the capabilities of Microsoft Teams with the arrival of Teams Calling: a new modern telephony system which utilises the Teams software to streamline and modernise your communications into one platform.

We’ve partnered with a trusted and well-established telecoms provider, to bring you Geeks Voice, which brings everything that’s great about Teams Calling to your business, with the added benefit of unlimited UK geographic and mobile calls and of course our fantastic support.

What are the benefits?

One of the biggest value points is that it unifies your communication. With Geeks Voice, you’ll be minimising the amount of hardware and software in your business. For example, unless desired, you won’t need a phone on your desk! Geeks Voice caters for all preferences, with a multitude of devices for your employees to choose from to answer calls, from headsets to mobile phones.

It also replaces your on premise or cloud telephony. There’s no need to switch from platform to platform as it simplifies your communications by having calls, chat and meetings all in Teams. This means you can easily switch between chat, call or video, add or remove participants and begin calls from calendar invites, all from one platform for easy collaboration.

You can migrate your existing telephone numbers over to Geeks voice, so there is no need to set up new numbers for your business – wherever there is an internet connection, you can make and receive calls using the same phone number, no matter your location.

Geeks Voice features end to end encryption and uses a trusted and secure platform. Plus, you get voicemail transcription and real-time captioning in meetings. What’s not to like?

 What’s the next step?

If you want to update your telephony system to Geeks voice, or you just want to know more, get in touch. Our friendly team are happy to discuss this further with you.


Give us a call on 0117 325 0370 or email info@geeks.co.uk to see how we can transform your IT.