Exchange 2010 Has Now Reached End of Service


The days have been and gone for Exchange 2010 as it reached End of Service on 13th October 2020. If you’ve not already, now is the time for you to consider moving to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online, here’s a quick look at what this all means for your business…

Why has Exchange 2010 reached End of Service?

Like most Microsoft products, Exchange 2010 had a lifecycle of 10 years. But rest assured knowing that also in the past 10 years, Microsoft have released new systems to improve upon the previous generation, bringing with it: new features, improved security, and more flexibility. And with each new generation, Microsoft focuses on providing support for the more recently released systems, so we must wave goodbye to Exchange 2010.

What does this mean for your business?

Microsoft provides technical support for problems, bug fixes, security fixes and upgrades as well as time zone updates for their systems. However, with Exchange 2010 now reaching End of Service, Microsoft will no longer provide any of this, leaving you vulnerable to cybercrime such as harmful viruses. This is particularly critical as emails are a big target for attackers. Not only this but using outdated software can affect the efficiency of your device, making daily work more difficult.

What do I do?

The use of Cloud email has grown rapidly in recent years and there’s many benefits to it such as flexibility, therefore we’d strongly recommend moving over to Microsoft’s hosted email for business, Exchange Online, to begin your journey to the modern Cloud solution!

If the Cloud isn’t for you just yet, there is also the option to migrate to a later version of Exchange: 2016. You would usually want to migrate to the latest version of Exchange which is Exchange 2019; however as they are over two generations apart, you won’t be able to jump straight to this from Exchange 2010, you would have to do a double-hop. We recommend Microsoft 365 Exchange Online over Exchange on-premises in all scenarios.

Our friendly team are always happy to help, get in touch to see your options and how we can help you to make a smooth transition.


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