How to Use Microsoft Teams Shortcuts Like a Pro


How to Use Microsoft Teams Shortcuts Like a Pro

Getting to grips with Microsoft Teams shortcuts will give you a seriously slick user experience and make you super-efficient. If you’re an occasional user, learning a handful of common commands will probably be enough. But, if you spend a lot of your working day using Teams or have geeky tendencies, there are a fair few shortcuts that you might want to commit to memory.

How to use Microsoft Teams shortcuts


The essentials

Here are six shortcuts that you’ll probably use most:

Microsoft Teams Shortcuts Essentials

All Shortcuts

For the wannabe super-user, here’s the full list of shortcuts to help you boss chat, meetings and navigation.


Access the basic functionalities within Teams quickly and easily:

Teams General Shortcuts


Get to where you want to be within Teams in fewer clicks:

Teams Navigation Shortcuts


Start and respond to conversations in as few steps as possible:

Microsoft Teams Chat Shortcuts

Meeting, calls and calendar

Schedule and hold meetings and calls with ease:

Microsoft Teams Meetings Shortcuts

Slash commands feature

Slash commands are shortcuts that you type into the search bar at the top of Teams to perform an action quickly. This function is not available on mobile just yet, but you can access it on the desktop app and in the browser version of Teams.

Here’s the lowdown on the full list of commands:

Update your status

Let your colleagues know if you are available, away, busy or if you don’t want to be disturbed by typing /available, /away, /busy or /dnd.


Quickly chat with or call a specific person:

Teams Slash Commands - Conversations

Finding posts

Stay up to speed with your chat and team messages and find saved posts:

Teams Slash Commands - Finding Posts

Get to know your teammates

Find out more about your online colleagues’ and their role within your organisation or project:

Teams Slash Commands - Teammates

Get things done

Add Wiki notes, find files and navigate channels and teams:

Teams Slash Commands - Get Things Done

Get help and support

Access Teams support functions and product update notices:

Teams Slash Commands - Support

Now it’s over to you to have some fun with your keyboard ????.