12 Computer Geeks Days of Christmas


We’re feeling festive here at Computer Geeks, so we thought we’d have a bit of fun and share our top 12 geeky Christmas presents for 2019.

One RTX 2080

This is currently the fastest graphics card on the market. The Ti version is an absolute beast with 11GB GDDR6, Real-Time Ray Tracing and a 1600MHz clock speed. Oh yes. It’s every gamer’s dream graphics card.

2 Terrabytes (of SSD Storage)

Samsung makes a whopping 15TB SSD, but it ain’t cheap. Retailing at around £10,000, St Nick would have to take out a Wonga loan to treat you to this. Fortunately, the 2TB of blazing-fast storage is more affordable and will tide you over to next Christmas. Maybe.


Office 365 gives you the complete suite of Microsoft Office products, 1TB of OneDrive space and incredibly tight integration into Windows so that all your files are cloud-hosted. What’s not to love?

4 Classic Consoles

Oh, come on, anyone who grew up playing games on the NES, SNES, Mega Drive or Playstation loves a bit of nostalgia. You can now buy all these consoles in classic miniature form. Hours of retro entertainment!

5 Water Blocks

If you overclock your computer, you’ll be generating a lot of heat that the typical PC fan will struggle to deal with. Water cooling your PC is the answer. Our old friend H20 is the dogs when it comes to distributing heat, but every component will need its own water block. One for the CPU, two for the GPU, and a couple for the RAM should do it!

6 Buttoned Mice

If you do a large amount of data processing, audio/video editing or online gaming, you’ll benefit hugely from having a mouse that has more than just left-click, right-click and a scroll-wheel. These additional buttons can be set to shortcuts, saving time and helping prevent RSI. Our favourite is the Razer Naga 6-buttoned mouse, but as they don’t make it anymore, the Razer Naga Trinity looks to be even better. It gives you the option of 15 additional buttons by your thumb!

7th Game of Thrones Book

Unlike the TV show which ran for 8 seasons, there are only 7 books planned in George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, and only 5 have been published. The 6th is due to be released “soon”, and the 7th is being written, but as anyone who’s seen the TV series can attest to, we need to see the REAL ending!

8 Silicone Ice Trays

Yep, you heard right, but these aren’t just any ice trays, they’re Star Wars ice trays! And with Episode 9 releasing this Christmas, marking the end of the Sequel Trilogy, what better way than to drown your sorrows than with Hans Solo frozen in carbonite floating in your Bulmers?

9th Star Wars Film

The Rise of Skywalker lands in cinemas on November 19th, bringing the Sequel Trilogy to a close. Yes, let go of this era you must, but it’s not the end for our favourite shared universe. The overlords at Disney have leaked plans for another entry into the Star Wars saga, set to last a decade and a half! When? We’re not sure. Patience, you must have. In the meantime, we’ll set phasers to stun and engage at warp 9.8. Wait… wrong franchise.

10-Gigabit Ethernet

These days, most home and office networks internally operate at 1 gigabit, usually over Cat 5 networking cable. Unless you’re copying huge amounts of data to and from a server or NAS, this is more than fast enough. But, it doesn’t mean we can’t wish for something faster. Unfortunately, a 10-gigabit ethernet requires new network cards, switches and cables, so it can’t be grafted on top of your existing network. It is possible to do it on a budget at home though*. And while you’re at it, you can also enable IPv6 internally!

*DISCLAIMER: We would seriously NOT recommend anyone do this for any sort of production environment or office setup. This is purely for fun!

11 inches of MacBook

Ok, so this one is contentious (yes, perhaps even more controversial than making a Star Trek joke on a Star Wars entry), but it’s a little-known fact that true geeks secretly love MacBooks. The specifications are fantastic, the displays are crisp and clear, and it’s amazing how they can cram so much high-spec hardware into a package so small. MacBooks are truly gorgeous devices, and if you’re a video, audio or graphics professional, then the performance of Photoshop, Audition and Final Cut are second to none.

12 Thousand Pounds 

Seriously. We want that 15TB SSD drive. *drools*