The Computer Geeks Company Values


Computer Geeks began life as a small IT support start-up. We wanted to spread our enthusiasm for this growing industry, which has fast become the major underpinning foundation of all companies, regardless of size. Our ambition was to align with our clients’ need for efficient and innovative support. We aimed to offer proactive and comprehensive services that would enable businesses to operate optimally. We’ve grown over the last ten years, and our company values have evolved to sync our principles with the needs of our customers.

Why are company values important?

Companies without a transparent and accessible value system often struggle to operate in a cohesive way that benefits both staff and customers. One major advantage of starting from scratch and turning our interests into a career is that it makes you care about how your business can progress in line with both your clients’ needs and your team’s ambitions. It’s during this process that a company’s value system can grow organically if the team takes pride in maintaining a high standard of service.

Our Values

Connecting with our customers and helping their businesses to progress is extremely important to us as a team. That’s why communication and innovation are at the heart of our company values:

1. Strategic

We believe in clear communication in order to be efficient and productive. We will always keep in mind the bigger picture, offering a professional solution to a problem.

2. Human

We believe in fairness to all. We are approachable and respectful to clients and co-workers. We take pride in being trustworthy. We believe in the power of teamwork.

3. Innovative

We are problem solvers enabling success with our forward-thinking approach. We believe in completing tasks quickly and effectively.

4. Purposeful

We believe in being ambitious. We are passionate about technology. We believe in growing long-term client s relationships and providing cost-effective solutions.

How we can all benefit

1. Our values give us a sense of purpose

Having a passion for IT and for providing solutions means that we don’t simply turn up and endure our working day – we enjoy the adventure.

2. Our values help us to pass our enthusiasm on to our customers

We create effective IT structures that show our clients how much more efficient, productive and enjoyable their business operations can be.

3. Every team member is accountable to our values

We are consistent in our respect for each other and for the customer.

4. We add value by being our clients’ advocate

A forward-thinking approach lets customers see how the right IT system can improve the user experience, increase productivity and save money.

5. We strive to build on our existing reputation

We take our responsibility as individuals to uphold Computer Geeks reputation seriously.

You can find out more about our ethos, services and company values in our 2019 brochure, or see what we’ve got to say for ourselves in our company video.