Meet Jim, Our Apprentice Support Engineer


You’re hired! I’ve always wanted to support young people who’ve decided to pursue IT as a career, and that’s why we’ve taken on an apprentice.

Jim Davies is our apprentice support engineer who’s been very interested in technology throughout his life. His main duties include answering our help desk calls, logging tickets, prioritising them and getting all the information required to enable our engineers to quickly and efficiently resolve any problems.

Jim is always learning from those around him, in order to provide the best service possible to our clients. For me that sums up our entire philosophy at Geeks; we’re always learning from and supporting each other, in order to provide the best IT solutions for our clients.

Jim’s been a great addition to our team and we’re very pleased to continue to support him as he develops in his skills and experience.

You can find out more about Jim and the rest of the team here.