Microsoft 365 & the Front Door Security


Traditional security solutions used to be enough to protect your business. But that was before the demand for working remotely and flexibly grew. In today’s digitally transformed workplace, employees expect to be productive whilst working remotely using any device they choose to access apps and corporate data from many locations.

This expectation has created a larger landscape for possible attack, and the transition to the cloud has made employees’ interactions with other users, devices, apps, and data more complex.

To protect a business now, companies need to take a more innovative approach to security, one that can protect, detect, and respond to threats of all kinds both ‘on-premises’ as well as in the cloud.

According to Microsoft, more than 63% of data breaches and cyber attackers gain corporate network access through weak, default, or stolen user credentials.

There are three main ways, Microsoft’s identity-driven security can address a company’s security challenges:

  • Front Door protection: – They can safeguard a company’s resources up front using advanced risk based conditional access.
  • Data protection anywhere – They can help protect a company’s data with deeper visibility into user activity and stronger controls.
  • Attack detection and remedy – They can uncover suspicious activity using behavioural analytics technologies and take immediate action.

That’s why, here at Computer Geeks, we recommend Microsoft 365’s security solutions that deliver an all-inclusive identity driven approach to mobility and security in the digital age. Thousands of applications can be accessed, with a single identity and they can safeguard a company’s devices, apps, and data at the front door.

You can learn more about Front Door security here:

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