10 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Businesses


What is Cloud Computing?

On a very simple level, cloud computing gives you access to all of the IT “kit” you needed to have in-house online. You get to access items and tools such as hardware, software, storage and analytics and you do not have to invest the upfront cash to get this access. Instead, you work with a cloud services provider to get the access you need, and pay a subscription fee on an on-going basis.

You may not know it, but there is a good chance that you already use the Cloud on a regular basis. If you ever use an online service to watch movies, play games or send emails, this will be the case. Cloud computing helps to make all of this work – pretty impressive when you consider that it only came into existence around ten years ago. Now all sizes and types of businesses and organisations use it. Call Computer Geeks on 0117 325 0370, to see how we can help you join these businesses in being more efficient and flexible.

Here are some ways in which the cloud can work for you:

  • Creating apps.
  • Backing up and storing data securely.
  • Hosting your website or blog.
  • Streaming audio files and video content.
  • Delivering the software that you need when you need it.
  • Analysing data to predict trends and business performance.

Get in touch with the team at Computer Geeks on 0117 325 0370 and we will speak to you about the benefits our services can give to your business.

What makes businesses want to move to the cloud?

There are many good reasons why businesses move their computing to the cloud. We have compiled a list of the ten most important reasons that this happens.

1. Scalability

One of the biggest benefits you can get from using cloud computing is the ability to scale. You get exactly the right amount of IT resources and computing power whenever you need it and wherever you are.

Using a cloud-based service is an excellent choice for any business that has changing needs when it comes to the use of bandwidth. It’s really simple to just change the amount of bandwidth you use on an on-going basis. This gives you a level of flexibility that many other businesses do not have.

2. Disaster recovery

Any business, of any size, should have a disaster recovery plan in place. Unfortunately many small businesses fall behind with this, because of the costs involved. Using cloud computing can help small businesses put disaster recovery in place, with less need for a massive up front investment. Your business can save time, and get the benefit of professional expertise by using a cloud services provider.

3. Automatic software updates

One of the best features of cloud computing is that you do not have to worry about any maintenance of systems or about completing any updates. The cloud services provider that you choose to work with does all of this remotely.

4. Free Capital-expenditure

Using cloud-computing means that you do not have to invest in IT hardware for your business. All you have to do is pay the provider for the services you use on an on-going basis. When you look at these cost savings in conjunction with the simplicity of setting up and using the service, you can immediately see the benefits that your business can get.

5. Improved collaboration

It’s much easier for your employees to collaborate with each other if they can access and share information using the cloud. They can work in unison and any required updates can be done in real time with no problem.

6. Remote working

You do not have to be in the office to work, if you use cloud-computing services. You can work from any place where you have access to an Internet connection. This makes it easier for you to accommodate requests for remote working making it easier for your employees to maintain a good work/life balance. You will usually have access to apps as well, so your employees can access emails and files using a mobile device.

7. Document control

Gone are the days when you needed to email files across the office, the country or the globe, for amendments to be made. Also gone are the days when you ended up with several different versions of the same file because the chain of contact became overly complicated and people ended up completing updates and saving that version of the file without knowing that another version was already in circulation. Using the cloud means that everyone sees the same version of the file and updates it centrally.

8. Security

It’s easier than you may think for devices such as laptops to be mislaid. If this happens in your business, the loss of the laptop is bad enough but you may also be concerned about the data that is being held on it. Solving this problem is easy of you use a cloud services provider. All of your data is stored in the cloud, and not on an individual machine. It’s also possible to wipe a device remotely, so that no one can get access to the data if a device is lost.

9. Competitiveness

Small businesses can get huge benefits by using cloud services. It gives them access to the latest technology without having to make a huge investment in kit. This means that your business can compete with big companies and may even have an advantage, through being lean as well as using current technology.

10. Environmentally friendly

It’s not all about self-interest, when it comes to using the cloud. As your cloud server use changes so the capacity you have changes in line. This means that you never use any more energy than you need to. This reduction in energy usage is good for the environment. This is important to the team at Computer Geeks because we do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint.

Is it time you moved your business to the Cloud?

Looking at the benefits we have mentioned, you should be able to find several that provide enough reason for you to decide that a move to the cloud is a good decision for your business to make.

Computer Geeks is Microsoft Silver Certified to provide cloud solutions to small and medium businesses. This means that we have the qualifications to host your cloud services in a secure and efficient manner. Our certification does not stop with Microsoft, we are also certified by several other cloud providers.

Working with us, you will find that migrating to and using cloud services is simple and free from pain. Call us on 0117 325 0370 to discuss your requirements.