Why should your business invest in IT Infrastructure?


Why should businesses invest in their IT infrastructure?

Recently I was asked to validate the aims and objectives of an IT infrastructure project for one of our clients so that they could achieve funding from the Local Authority.

The answer I supplied was as follows, and I believe it covers in general the reasons why Computer Geeks would recommend investing in your IT infrastructure for any business considering doing so.

The purpose of this investment project is to refresh the core IT infrastructure of your business. This includes upgrading (through replacing) the on-site server hardware and software with a new, fully supported in-warranty IT solution provided by an experienced IT supplier.

Benefits of Investment

The benefits of such investment are clear; it will enhance IT security, reduce IT risk, increase speed of IT operations, enhance and automate backup and disaster recovery, and increase your businesses capacity to grow.

The project will directly protect your business from current and future cyber security concerns and re-license your business with Microsoft in order to be fully compliant. The project will take a step towards being able to comply with future and current data processing standards and allow us to easier comply with GDPR standards in 2018. The project will also act as a catalyst for positive change within your business and instigate further discussions on process efficiency within it.

If you are considering investing in your IT infrastructure, please contact us on 0117 325 0370 and we’d be delighted to discuss how we can help you with a project of this nature.